A Rose By Any Other Name?

I was doing a crossword this morning and the clue was Delphinium, the answer was Larkspur which is part of the same family I assumed.  It prompted me to research both flowers and see if they are in fact the same flower, same genus. They seem to be.  This led to one of my musings about different names for objects, people and places.  I am called Jane, Janey, NanNan, Susan (officially but rarely use it) and various terms of endearment plus maybe names I am not aware of!  I am Welsh by birth, very proud of my heritage, but sadly do not speak Welsh.  I have smatterings of French, Italian and Spanish but no Welsh. As a child we had to speak English as Monmouthshire, where I grew up, was considered to be in England at that time.  My great niece speaks fluent Welsh, did a university degree in Welsh but began her schooling in a Welsh speaking Nursery then was bilingual at school.  She grew up in the same town as me but 50 years later.  Times have changed as have boundaries.  This has not just happened in Wales but is a worldwide phenomenon and historically we are aware of many incidents.

So back to flowers.  I never studied  Latin either and whilst I love flowers do not know the Latin names for them, a biologist friend can tell me the names of hundreds of plants but I never remember them.  She is also a botanical artist so has painted many of my favourites for me. I know some of you are keen gardeners, we have enjoyed Kit’s photos of her and Dave’s efforts being rewarded and shared.  Our garden is an eclectic mix of old and new, some date back to before we lived in this house others we planted, some successfully others not.  All the musing led me to consider what is important to me and what gives me greatest pleasure in my life aside from family and friends.  Flowers are high on the list.  Especially roses.  I know the names of some of our roses but not knowing doesn’t detract from the beauty and pleasure derived from them, even the non-perfumed ones.  This is true of many things in life – my “stand and stare philosophy”.  I have a personal challenge next month with Peter’s Big Trip so will have time to muse all these things as I drive the planned 960 miles (in small chunks!) so to create a calm space in my busy mind I have made these jottings to share.  Yes I was tempted to skip my blog contribution this month but hope instead I have given you food for thought on what gives each of you pleasure.

I have a saying from The Dalai Lama: “An old day passes, a new day arrives.  The important thing is to make it meaningful: a meaningful friend – or a meaningful day.”  Today has been meaningful to me in many ways shared with some dear friends and valuing the fact my life is full.  I await the results of my latest mammogram (over 2 years now since first diagnosed) which I hope is clear again.  This does concentrate the mind and make the smallest things meaningful.  Forgive my musings but thank you all for being part of my circle.  These people give me pleasure too, three of my grandchildren.




8 responses to “A Rose By Any Other Name?

  1. I love that Dalai Lama quote, and I LOVE the grandkid pic. That is awesome. Jane, I will be praying your mammogram report is good, and I will also be sending good wishes to you and Peter for his bike ride next month!

  2. Thank you lovely Laurie. You are always so kind and supportive to me. We are busy planning routes and hotels for the Trip despite not having my result. Onwards and upwards! I feel very lucky. X

  3. Your trip sounds fabulous. Not so much Peter’s as I’m more of the ride-a-long in comfort person. I had a time of pondering yesterday so your blog was really timely. Now I need to be aware and have these times more often. They feed the soul.

  4. I am a crossword hound and am so glad you love them, too. Keeps us sharp. I took four years of Latin but I don’t know any flower names: heck, most of them I don’t know in English. I know what I like, but the names? Not so much. Love the quote and picture and am praying for a clear mammogram for you. Jillian

  5. oh, yeah, I told my son about your husband’s proposed bike ride and he thought I mean motorcycle. He was duly impressed (as am I) with the fact that it’s a pedal bike! Jillian

  6. That’s a great photo of the grandchildren, Jane, and a thought-provoking quote. Have everything crossed that you get a clear result for your mammogram. Keep busy planning your trip, it sounds very exciting. As Lavada said, I prefer your mode of transportation to Peter’s! x

  7. Thought-provoking post indeed, Jane. And simply love the quote. I’m somewhat late in responding due to a few problems here but hope the mammogram was clear and that the trip is going as planned. Take care. 🙂

  8. Thanks all for your comments, it’s done now but you all inspire me in different ways. Thank yu all.

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