Summer Squash


It’s been awhile since we posted a recipe.  I was never good at posting them but every once in awhile I stumble on one I want to share.  Rick and Linda (Son and Daughter-in-law) have a very productive garden again this year.  Last year Rick gave me a summer squash. I don’t like them but he told me to try it with Pasta which I did and Oh My Gosh so good.  This year I asked for them.  Yummy, fresh out of the garden I made the dish in the picture. There actually are three ways to serve it. And, I’ve tried them all.

  1. With sour cream
  1. put in a casserole dish and top with cheese. Cook in oven until the cheese is melted and even browned if you like it that way.
  1. Just as is with no cream or cheese

I like them all.


Summer Squash – as many as you want

Pasta – I used the Tri-Colored Fusilli but I really like Penne too.

Bacon bits

Fry squash in oil. For this one I used avocado oil but I can’t tell the difference between it and olive oil.  Season with favorite seasoning.  I used  Island Spice we got in Jamaica.

Cook pasta in salt water.

Drain pasta and stir in a little oil. Mix with fried summer squash and put in bacon bits. I love bacon so put in quite a bit.

Enjoy it just way or embellish it with sour cream or cheese.

8 responses to “Summer Squash

  1. Okay, I’m not a huge summer squash fan, either, but I’m coming around. And this looks yummy! Thanks for the recipe. 🙂

  2. that looks really tasty!!! Jillian

  3. I never thought I would ever eat squash but I’ve become quite a fan. And, it’s rather a pretty dish.

  4. I love squash too so will definitely be trying the recipe ideas. Looks delicious.

  5. Haven’t had squash for ages. Now I want some 🙂

  6. Hi Jane and Tricia, At least you both like squash. I didn’t or thought I didn’t now love it. At least Summer Squash. Oh and zucchini got to love that bread.

  7. Your recipe has made my mouth water. Haven’t had squash for a long time. It’s not something we have at home and I know my Dave wouldn’t eat it. Will give this a try with frozen butternut squash just for me. 🙂

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