Hot, hot, hot

We’ve been having some crazy weather here in Western Washington over the past month.

I left for Denver in the middle of July for a writing conference just as we were coming out of one heat wave. Denver was hot, but luckily I was in the hotel most of the time. I get back home and we’re starting another heat wave. Finally it breaks after about a week and half, we get some cooler weather and I get the house back down under 75 degrees and wham, here comes another one.

Luckily, this last heat wave has broken. We will get a break for a few days before out temps hit the 90’s again, but according to the forecast only for a day before we go back down to the mid 80’s.

Don’t get me wrong, I like summer. I enjoy having nice sunlight and it staying light late. I just don’t like the heat. Stay around 75 to 80 and I’m a happy camper. I’m thankful I have an AC unit in my family room, it helps keep that room and the kitchen tolerable.

Now, little Miss Penny is a sun dog, but even in this heat she doesn’t spend but a few minutes outside and she wants back in where it’s cooler. Now the pictures below are before she went to the groomer. She’s now all clipped and she’s happier she doesn’t have all that fur.

This is her after running in and out lying in the sun all day – I call this: I need a nap to recover from all my other naps.


And there’s this one – my little Penny gets nervous when there are other people in the house and this day she wanted in my lap. It’s called: Mommy protect me LOL (of course it was before she’d let me wash her face)


Yes, she’s laying between me and a pillow while I’m sitting at my desk trying to work. Penny does like to be part of the action.

I hope everyone has a great August.





4 responses to “Hot, hot, hot

  1. Sounds very much like you are sharing the same weather cycle as ourselves in the UK, Marie. It’s been unbelievably hot here but currently we are in a cool lull with lots of rain. I’m hoping the hot weather comes back soon – I’m with Miss Penny on this one – as I already missed it after just 1 day, although I now many are relieved in the change. I like to be outside in it until about 10:00, then indoors until about 4 pm. I need that daily dose of sun to function properly. Think I must have been a lizard in a previous life! 🙂

  2. Miss Penny is so stinking cute! Do I write that every month? I probably do. Yesterday’s cooling, air-scrubbing rain was awesome, wasn’t it? And today we climb back up, temp-wise. I’m with you. A bit cooler, but not to gray, is the perfect summer.

  3. I loved loved loved yesterday. I opened up the house and it now smells fresh. I am so glad I put in the central a/c. I don’t use it a lot but when I need it, I need it. More when I’m up and busy. Just lazying the ceiling fan works pretty well. Guess a good reason to not work huh.

    Sweet puppy.

  4. Oh, I miss the summer. We’ve had high temps for weeks and weeks but now it seems to have broken up. Come back and stay, summer! Lovely Penny pictures.

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