Fireworks, weather and travel

The Pacific Northwest can have some crazy weather, but the last few weeks it really has been. We went from mid 60’s to almost 90 in a couple of days, then right back down. Last week it was hot again, but one afternoon it started to cloud over and cool down and with it came thunder and rain. It would be raining one minute and sunny the next. It was kind of funny.

At the end of June I took an Alaska cruise. It was a family trip (there were 19 of us on the cruise). It was a way for the family to get together and we scattered some of the ashes of my parents. My sister had made up little tiny bottles for everyone. It was nice that each family member had a chance to do this and we did this at our very first port.

The cruise was nice, but I did get really seasick, which has never happened to me before. I’ve felt a little nauseous on other cruises, but never sick. Well, this time it happened. We had some rough seas and it got to me. I missed the first formal night on the cruise, but at least I was better after about 6 hours.

The rest of the trip was uneventful. I enjoyed each port and the glaciers, but I will say things have changed a lot since I last went. The ice glaciers are retreating, and some of the ports have gotten very commercialized where I didn’t even recognize them.

Picture of our ship:



Picture of Seattle as we sailed out of port:


Miss Penny is doing well now. I say now because we had the 4th of July here in the US and that means fireworks. Because I technically live in an unincorporated part of the county they’ll allowed to set them off. And they did.

Neighbors started at 5 pm and then at 9 pm when it got dark everyone else started in. Miss Penny was plastered to my side until we went to bed a little after midnight. When I first got her they didn’t seem to bother her, but a couple of years ago she was outside doing her business when someone set one off and since then she’s been a little bundle of nerves.

I’m pleased to say the next morning Penny was her usual self. And of course I can’t go without pictures of Miss Penny.

This one she sat glaring at me from her bed (I don’t remember why):


And this is the night of the fireworks (if I so much as twitched she’d jump up):



7 responses to “Fireworks, weather and travel

  1. Hello, Miss Penny! Yes, those fireworks are pretty nasty. I’m glad the celebrations are over for a few months. And Marie, that ship and pic of Seattle are awesome. I love that you went as a family and spread your parent’s ashes. What a nice remembrance! Summer seems to have arrived, so hopefully our crazy weather will settle into a pattern for a while, eh?

  2. Beautiful pictures. The Seattle skyline is one of the best anywhere. I’m not a fan of fireworks. The commercial displays are nice but not the private and neighborhood ones. We get a lot of noise here too.

    Penny had a great life. She’s a lucky dog to have you.

    • Hi Lavada, thank you. Someone set of firecrackers last night – not super close, but I had the patio door open for air and Miss Penny didn’t like it. So she was on her pillow next to me for over an hour. But it only happened once.

  3. I’m pleased Miss Penny settled down in the end and hope she forgave you! Alaskan trip sounded mixed emotions but hope all well. We are enjoying a long spell of hot weather but UK doesn’t cope well, soon to be water usage controls, but lots of water wasted due to leakage. Enjoy the rest of the summer with air con.

  4. Glad you had a great trip with your family. I’m so sad for Miss Penny, I know how distressed our pets can get with the fireworks. They just don’t understand what’s going on, bless them. Stay cool!

  5. Fantastic photos of your trip and glad you recovered enough to enjoy the rest of the cruise with your family. Fireworks are a darned menace where pets are concerned so can appreciate how Miss Penny felt. We too are enjoying hot weather although our farms are suffering with poor yields and early harvests and running out of animal food already. Enjoy the rest of your summer and hope it doesn’t get too uncomfortable for you and Miss Penny.

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