Fourth of July

I hope all our USA readers had fun, safe celebrations for Independence Day. How do you celebrate? We tend to stay home.

We aren’t inside any city limits, so there’s no ordinance limiting fireworks where we live. Which means we hear them from the end of June until the Monday after the Fourth of July, sometimes beyond.

And on the actual Fourth, it’s like a war zone. I’ve actually had some issues with anxiety just from all the deafening noise. We’re pretty lucky where we live. Those around us who light off fireworks are pretty careful about it, even if the fireworks are not exactly safe and sane. Still, because things are so active around here on that day, we choose to stay home. Friends generally join us for dinner and some campfire conversation in the backyard, and we make sure the house doesn’t burn down.

It’s turned into a nice tradition, and I love traditions. Here’s a glimpse of the fireworks we got to watch from our backyard.

Have a wonderful summer! I hope you all get to dip your toes in a lake, eat a burger or hot dog straight off the grill, and soak up lots of Vitamin D (with sunscreen on, of course!)



11 responses to “Fourth of July

  1. I didn’t realize you had such a front row seat to great fireworks. It was noisy here too.

    Enjoy your summer. Not sure what the weather has in store for us but so far so good.

  2. The neightbors had company so went all out. And we got to watch for free, plus make certain the house and shed didn’t burn down. A win-win.

  3. Fireworks went off in my neighborhood every night from June 30- July 5- It was crazy-annoying. On the 4th, the people behind us set them off for three hours straight. UGH.

    • We get them for about 2 weeks beforehand and a few days afterwards. The same thing happens on New Year’s. Sigh. And yep, Mark heard the last of them about 1:30am on the 5th.

      • I don’t understand the whole week thing. LOL – when I was a kid, it was one night and we about died til it got dark enough to shoot them off. LOL

  4. Pretty fireworks in the video, but they can be such a nuisance when people are inconsiderate. We have fireworks here on November 5th which is Guy Fawkes night, commemorating the failed attempt to blow up Parliament in 1605. Fireworks start around mid-October and basically carry on for a month or so. Then it’s New Year and off we go again.

    Hope you enjoyed your 4th July celebrations!

    • Yep. You know what it’s like then. We had a nice time this year, thankfully. But I can’t envision a time when we won’t stay home for this holiday.

  5. Love fireworks but they can be a nuisance, lovely photos though. People here now tend to let them off for weddings, birthdays, New Year celebrations as well as Guy Fawkes Night in November. Organised displays are safer but not good for pets. Glad you enjoyed your 4th July.

  6. A bit late coming in here but love the video. Fireworks can be stunning but as Tricia and Jane have already said they can be nuisance here. Most weekends they are being set off around here be it a wedding, birthday or just for fun. Used to get them late at night too but now thankfully most go off early evening, just after dark.

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