Cocoa BeanDuring our cruise one of the ports of call was Limon Costa Rico. During a river tour we stopped and our tour guide came back on board the bus with what looked like a giant nut. He asked if we knew what it was. No one did.

The pictures I’ve seen are of cocoa beans that look like coffee beans, but when he cracked the pod open it looked more like pictures I’ve seen of brains.  Inside there was a mass of gray matter that looked wet and to me, slimy. I know — YUCK.cocoa fruit

It turned out that it was cocoa fruit. The fruit is eatable with lemonade like taste. In fact it’s considered a super food due to the high density of essential nutrients, and proven health benefits.

The Greek name of cocoa literally means, “food of the gods.”

The seeds inside the fruit looks more like coffee beans or least they do once they have dried.

Seeing food we take for granted in its natural state it’s amazing to me how people evolved foods into what they are now. Cocoa is just one of so many foods.  I think of how tomatoes were once thought to be poisonous.

However cocoa and chocolate has evolved, it is here stay, at least at my house.








11 responses to “Cocoa

  1. Okay, cocoa definitely has a place in my house, but I think I’d have to be a starving contestant on Survivor to try that fruit. I agree that it looks like brains. Still, really, really interesting. 🙂

  2. It’s something I hadn’t seen. I loved the ports of call on this cruise.

  3. Oh, yuk! That looks awful, but how fascinating. And sadly not ‘yuk’ enough to put me off cocoa or chocolate 🙂

  4. Sorry I thought I’d responded to this! Totally agree with you all, both needed and forefathers’ courage in not discarding the disgusting looking “food of the gods”! Me, I will stick with the finished product – #love chocolate!!

  5. Your post brought back some lovely memories for me, Lavada, of happy times at my junior school. In our final year there (age 10-11) we each had to do a year-long project and I chose chocolate and learned all about the beans and how chocolate was made. This culminated in the whole year being invited to Cadbury’s chocolate factory in Birmingham and we all came home loaded with goodies. A child’s dream! However, I often wonder who and how the idea arose to turn such produce into something totally different, be it chocolate, coffee etc but so glad they did!

  6. A great project to choose. Things like this make kids want to go to school. I was surprised how the pods looked. Guessing I would have thought it would looked more like seeds inside. And that it’s considered a cocoa fruit.

  7. Very cool. I’d never seen that before. Thanks for posting it. I love learning new things. Jillian

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