It’s June, when did that happen?

Sorry I missed last month. I could have swore I put a reminder on my calendar to do a blog post it wasn’t until several days later I realized I missed. But now I’ve made sure its on my calendar.

Spring keeps coming and going here in the Pacific Northwest – we get a few warm days, then cooler and rain, then warm, then cool. It’s really playing havoc with the allergies.

Miss Penny loves the days with the sun so she can go out and sunbath either by laying on the bark or on the patio depending the time of day. Miss Penny has been a little under the weather, even though I didn’t realize it.

I took her in for her check up with the vet and her white blood cell count was high, so the vet gave me a course of antibiotics as a precaution. After about 3 doses I noticed that Penny had more energy and seemed happier.

I’m also doing another 2 week course of ear drops – her ear still has a mild yeast infection, so we’re trying to get it cleared up. Don’t know why it keeps hanging on.

Later this month I’m taking a cruise to Alaska, its going to be a big family get together which is nice. It’s also a memorial cruise to my parents – me, my brother and sister are going to scatter some of their ashes. They loved cruising and especially to Alaska. This isn’t a sad time for my family, but a point of celebration.

And what month wouldn’t be complete without some Penny pictures.


4 responses to “It’s June, when did that happen?

  1. Hello, Miss Penny! I’m glad you’re “chipper” is returning. And Marie, I hope the cruise is full of family memories. 🙂

  2. Enjoy the cruise Marie. The weather should improve by then. Good pictures of Miss Penny.

  3. Miss Penny is so sweet. Glad the antibiotics seem to be doing the trick. Hope you get her ear infection sorted soon. Enjoy your memorial cruise.

  4. Glad Penny is okay. I expect you are currently enjoying your memorial cruise. A time for celebration of families and life and loss. What a lovely thing to do.

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