Opening the Back Door

First, apologies for being a day late. What I had intended to write about has been delayed, so at the risk of boring you I will once again open the back door and reveal the back garden. We’ve been working hard and so thankful for the brilliant weather experienced here in the UK lately which has meant we’ve been able to get practically everything done we intended to do. Everything is growing well, and we can at last enjoy sitting on our new patio admiring our efforts as it all slowly grows and flourishes. In the space of a four to five weeks the long border has gone:

And a bird’s eye or rather bedroom view:

There is still the other borders to transform but they are going to have to wait. Two plants are been particularly stunning at the moment: my ever-faithful perennial aquileiga and a new clematis bought for £1.69 from our local Aldi supermarket.

In preparing the groundwork last November, Dave smashed two of the blue bowls on the new water fountain but, bless him, he bought me another and rather than waste the old, transformed it into a new pot feature.

Yesterday, I counted the pots around the rear garden, patio and front garden – there’s 85 of them! And that doesn’t include the old kitchen sink next to the water fountain. Plus he’s planted up and hung 20 wall baskets. So you can understand why we’re so impatient for it all to grow. We’ll have to wait. Let’s hope this marvellous weather continues.

As to what else has been happening… for those who haven’t seen or heard – two weeks ago some of my paintings were in a public exhibition held by my art group. The full story can be read over on my art blog, but I was delighted that one of my works sold. On top of which, I was asked to do a commission, and I won a prize in the exhibition raffle. All in all, a brilliant weekend.


On the downside, now the garden is done, we have no excuse not to start on the major living and dining room makeover and that’s going to be a very messy, dusty job. Not looking forward to it and I may have to escape for a few weeks whilst it’s going on.

Have a great June, everyone.

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8 responses to “Opening the Back Door

  1. Love, love, love your garden. As I sit here, the sun is shining. It has been a so so spring weather wise. So happy for your success with the art show, but not surprised. Your work is fantastic, incredible talent.

    Enjoy, lots of work but it seems to be a labor of love.

    • Am enjoying every moment of it, Lavada. And we’ve been so fortunate with the weather lately. Trouble is, the writing’s taken a bit of a back seat at the moment… so much to do… only so many hours in a day. How every did I find time to work full time I shall never know! 🙂

  2. Your garden is spectacular, Kit! And, with that renovation about to begin inside, you’ll have a place to go to get away from all that dust. I LOVE the water feature Dave turned your pots into. That’s awesome! And, mega-congrats on the art show and sales. Wow, you are multi-talented and I love that you are able to show it in all these ways. So again, congratulations! I want to come sit in that garden with you! 🙂

    • Thank you, Laurie. You can come and sit in my garden any time you wish. The water feature is growing well but I’m nervous of it falling in the fishpond! This weekend we start boxing up downstairs ready for the furniture and bits and pieces to go into storage. Just hope weather stays good so I can be outside during all the upheaval. 🙂

  3. You certainly are multi-talented – gardening, cooking, painting, writing for starters! Your love of colour shows in garden too. What an achievement. Enjoy the fruit of your labours, when rain stops! Well done.

    • Thank you, Jane. I think I prefer outside in the garden to being inside at the moment. Major refurb downstairs about to commence and I’m getting tetchy as I hate a mess and can’t cope with dust. I feel a trip to Spain on the cards. (I wish!). 🙂

  4. Wow, Kit! What a transformation, and in such a short space of time. I always love your garden and find it such an inspiration. It’s always full of colour and life and filled with lovely creative features. Continue to enjoy this glorious weather and may your garden continue to bloom. Look forward to seeing you on Wednesday.

  5. Oh, and many congrats on your successful gallery exhibition. Go you!

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