Panama Cruise

6C87FCEE-400F-4B95-A1BC-2763BAEEE6E1Last month at this time we were just boarding the ship for a ten day Panama Cruise with Princess.  We had spent two days in Ft. Lauderdale seeing the city and taking a canal excursion out to an island for a dinner and show.  We got a glimpse of the rich and famous along the way.



The picture to the right is the Ft. Lauderdale skyline taken DC83BA77-7181-433D-9E4B-0AE34E6B02A3from our balcony as we started the cruise. It’s been awhile since I’ve been on an big ship and I had forgotten how big they are.  We were still getting lost at the end of the cruise, but then knowing me I’m betting no one is surprised.

The first day was at sea and we enjoyed every minute. People were so friendly and we made friends.  In fact a few days out Linda lost her reading glasses. A woman we had just met offered her a spare pair she had.  We did eventually find the glasses but the borrowed pair made reading possible and Linda appreciated the womans generousity.  These are the kind of people we found on the trip.

The second day out we made port in Falmouth Jamacia.  We had booked a tour to Rose Hall an old plantation house that the White Witch had owned.  I had seen it and wanted Linda to see it, but we had to take our second choise. Greenwood plantation house once owned by the Elizabeth Barrett Browning.  It has been continuously used as a residence since it was built.  A part of the information from the website  

The present owners, Bob and Ann Betton, every morning since they bought the house, get up, make the beds in Richard Barrett’s bedroom and open the house for tours. Richard Barrett, the builder of the house, would feel very comfortable there today because the house, unlike other great houses in Jamaica still has the original furnishings down to the Barrett’s library. 

More Pictures of the house.

We didn’t do every port of call. The weather was hot and as we got closer to Panama the humidity increased.

On the dock in Falmouth.





The ships entertainment was exceptional and after getting oriented to dinner in the dining room times, we managed to see pretty much all of the evening shows.  And, we always topped it off with a drink in one of the bars.  We tried all different drinks, promising ourselves we would expand our experience in a few months when we go to Cancun at the all-inclusive Palace.


It was Linda’s first cruise and she says it’s something everyone should experience.  A memory making trip.  We found we like being spoiled and they for sure know how to do it.







10 responses to “Panama Cruise

  1. First off, you both look great. And cruising…hubby and I love it. We’ve done the Panama cruise and the day spent going through the locks and Gatun lake were exhausting, we were so busy running back and forth on the ship to see everything. Lol. You’re right about the entertainment and people on board. We always make friends. I’m so glad you got to go!

  2. Thanks but I’m not that happy with how I look. The cruise was wonderful. Ready to go again.

  3. Lavanda, I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I’ve done several cruises including going the Panama Canal. I love cruising.

  4. It looks absolutely wonderful. That ship is huge! I’ve never done a cruise (AJ doesn’t possess good sea legs, despite hailing from a naval city of a sea-faring nation!! The shame, LOL. It sounds like you had a really fun time. Love the photos.

    • The ship was huge. The largest to go through the Panama since the new locks. I didn’t think I could do cruises either because I get motion sickness though not as bad as I did when I was younger. This is my 3rd cruise on a big ship. Linda gets motion sickness too so we were a little concerned but no problem. AJ might want to think about a river cruise. We’ve done two, one down the Yangtze and one from Amsterdam to Budapest.

  5. The cruise sounded such fun Lavada as well as interesting. I wonder about a cruise but Peter isn’t keen. All the friends who have been on cruises rave about them. Maybe one day! One thing I wonder with the huge ships is how stable they feel, as a non-swimmer I would feel apprehesive. I enjoyed all our crossings to Spain without problems but they are not huge ships. (Peter suffered sea sickness bouts). I can only assume the benefits would outweigh the trepidation, no pun intended!

    • I don’t swim either but have never experienced any fear of water. The ships are so big that there isn’t a lot of motion. Sometimes walking on deck is a little wobbly but they say don’t look at the water. Again a river cruise might be a better one to start with.

  6. Sounds absolutely brilliant. Wish I could get Dave on a cruise but have to agree with him that the ships are so huge neither of us would be comfortable. Perhaps I can persuade him onto one of the smaller liners. But I do envy you. Fabulous photos. And you’re off again soon. How wonderful. Can’t wait to hear all about it. 🙂

    • Hi Kit, Actually our next trip isn’t until January. Well except for maybe a short road trip this summer.

      The ships are large but not crowded and the events and shore excursions are really well managed. Still you might want to consider a river cruise. We loved the two we took.

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