Good morning from the Knox Farm. I am so sorry that I have missed the past couple of months. When I was asked to be Livestock Superintendent at our County Fair I thought it would be so easy. Not SO!! It seems that every month there is something new and I put in hours and hours of work at home on classes, entry forms, rules, all the things that are suppose to help make County Fairs runs smoothly, at least the livestock part of County Fair. The other thing meetings, lots of meetings. We have two new fair board members and I admire their dedication, but they want everything done their way and sometimes the old ways just work so well that its not even practical to try to change. Then of course there is money, I think a lot of fairs have money problems anymore and ours is no exception. We are not funded by the county so the money they make off of the fair and rental of the fairgrounds is supposed to get them through year after year. That isn’t working at all. Enough of that and back to some fun stuff.
I thought when we got rid of all the cows but one that life would be so simple. Laney is so good, never seems to miss her cow friends and meets me twice a day for a little treat—not that she needs a treat, the grass is growing like crazy and she can’t keep up –sooo guess what I get this weekend. GOATS I as so excited. My son and his family raise goats so they are bringing some over to help keep the grass down. I know a Doe and her two babies and I’m hoping for 2 does and their babies. I can hardly wait—they will be so much fun.
Missy (our crazy little dog) is getting more and more spoiled. Now her morning thing is to crawl up in the chair with me to watch CBS This Morning—if I don’t turn it on, or am busy doing other things (like maybe cleaning house) she will come bark at me until I stop and turn the tv on for her. Then she will whimper until I put a blanket over her..I keep telling her she is rotten. Daisy is now nine years old—I find that so hard to believe. Her favorite thing is for us to open a gate so she can run around the whole farm. She will stay outside for hours as long as we are outside—but if we come in the house she is right there to come in also. She absolutely won’t stay out by herself.
So much for life on the farm!! I did see a saying the other day that said “Life is great on a farm” I couldn’t agree more. Hope everyone has a wonderful, safe summer.

6 responses to “MAY — FINALLY SPRING

  1. Nancy, welcome back! We missed you. It’s good to hear life continues to thrive for you. Wow, are you busy with that fair job. That sounds like a crazy amount of work! Enjoy those goats!

  2. You did it!!!! Only one cow, wow. Really missed your blogs. You do manage to keep busy. And, healthy and happy. That’s what counts.

  3. Welcome back to blog land, Nancy! We missed you here. I love that Missy watches TV with you, and has to have her blanket, LOL. They are such characters, aren’t they? Have a lovely summer and enjoy the goats 🙂

  4. Welcome back Nancy. What a busy time you’ve had but sounds worthwhile. Our dogs used to curl up with us to watch tv, sadly we don’t have any now and are resisting the temptation of getting another. Wonderful companions and always part of the family. Hope you have a good summer too.

  5. Welcome back, we’ve all missed you. And apologies for being late as it’s now June. Hope the goats are behaving and enjoying their new surroundings. Love that Missy calls you to put the TV on. Such wonderful creatures. Hope the summer is good for you and look forward to your next blog. Always good to read. 🙂

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