Late for a Date…

Apologies for being a little late with today’s post but I had a very important date that couldn’t wait. With my garden.

I had hoped to show you the finished article but the weather here in the UK has been dreadful. Two hot days in April, which meant we could finally make a start on bringing the back garden back to some semblance of prettiness. Two days! The rest of the month has been cold, wet, blowing a hoolie and even colder still – we even had to put the central heating back on.

Today the sky is cloudless, the sun shining and joy of joys, we have been promised good weekend’s weather, which is something of a miracle as it is a bank holiday weekend here. So Dave and I pulled on our gardening shoes and gloves, and with him in the front garden, and me out back, we set to work. I’ve the long border to widen, which is tough going as the ground is still very wet, but I’ve managed to get some plants in, the three obelisks erected and the border almost dug.

You may be able to spot a white slab in front of one of the obelisks – this is where the new birdbath is going. I spent almost a year trying to find the one I wanted, couldn’t, so we improvised and purchased a tall blue glazed pot and a matching saucer, and placing the saucer on top of the pot – voila! One new birdbath. As you can see on the patio, we have lots more to plant although all of the hanging baskets are done. Can you spot the new bird bath among the plants ? The birds haven’t as yet, but hopefully once it’s moved back to where they are used to one being, they’ll make good use of it.

Despite all the rain and cold last month, Dave has been busy laying a new path in front of the new fence along the front side garden. He’s also kept himself occupied in making six wooden planters. These this morning he planted up with lots of colourful annuals and massive of sweet peas to grow up the netting he’s erected along the fence. It should look fab once they all grow.

We’re slowly getting there and hopefully by next month we can sit back and relax a little to enjoy it all. Meanwhile the rest of the borders and pots have provided us with some welcome spring colour.

So forgive me for being late today, hope you think my excuse was worth it!

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11 responses to “Late for a Date…

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  2. Gorgeous flowers Kit and great that Dave plays a part too in helping create such a stunning garden.x

  3. It looks to me like you’ve done an amazing amount of work already. Wow. I love all the color (and color to come.)

  4. We’ve shared your weather. Your yard is taking shape fast. And, all the color … wow. I took a look at your kitchen blog, it looks new. Love it.

    • Thanks to good weather the past week, we’ve managed to get more done and thankfully most of the plants are now in. Just have to wait for them to grow. Trouble is, I’m impatient! Having fun with the kitchen blog and surprised how many people are now following it. I hope none of you mind if I pinch some of your recipes from OTBF to include (full credit to each, of course! 🙂

  5. I’m always SO inspired by your gardening posts, Kit! Hope you’ve been making the most of this glorious Bank Holiday weekend, too. At last some decent weather. The photos are great, love the tulips. Gorgeous. The phlox plants you gave me are really coming along, so am hoping for some more colour in the garden this year. Great idea about the bird bath. Very innovative. Have fun! See you Wednesday.

    • Most of the hard work in the garden now complete (phew), just a few bits to sort and then hopefully the weather for the rest of summer will be good so we can sit back and enjoy our efforts. Glad the phlox plants are doing well. For freebies from the seed company we’re well chuffed so far with them, and the slugs and snails seem to avoid them. 🙂

  6. I am so impressed by your hard work and Dave’s. I do hope this bank holiday weather hasn’t caused any damage. You have the summer ahead to enjoy the fruits of your labours plus a palate of colours to inspire your art.

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