The Wedding

The Wedding has taken place, no not Meghan and Harry, my great-niece Kerys and her fiancé Dan now Mr & Mrs Watson.  On Friday 20th April family and friends gathered together at an hotel on the top of a Welsh Mountain to witness the ceremony then celebrate long into the night. I had celebrated too late on the Thursday night following a family dinner with the bride and fourteen others so went to bed at 11.30! It was a wonderful occasion, four generations of two families with a devoted young couple embarking on the next stage of their life together.  The sun shone, champagne and tears flowed – a perfect day.

I enjoyed the three day stay at the hotel for many reasons, not just the wedding.  Occasions for most of my family to get together seem to be rarer due to busy schedules, health challenges and some of us getting older.  We caught up on news, reminisced and generally relish being together.  The setting was ideal with gardens to walk in, views of mountains around us, lambs and sheep, wild birds, spring blossoms – Spring had finally sprung! I have placed a link to the hotel in case some of you want to check it out.  Although we are not smiling I have inserted a couple of photos too. One of a rare photo of the Smiths together (I think there was one last year at Winderemere!), the other of the bride taking a rare breather.  I didn’t take many as I was too busy chatting, eating and drinking!

One poignant aspect was that Kerys’ father, Neil sadly died last year so there was a table of photos of the two of them together and memories of him were included in the speeches.  Not morbid but fitting.  Rhiannon, mother of the bride gave her away so there were tears from many of us including the men.  Rare in Wales for men to show emotion too much unless it’s about Rugby!   We heard too that a cousin had died that day too so we are just waiting for a birth now.  Of course, Kate and William’s new baby has arrived on St. George’s Day so that may complete the circle of life.

Two other occasions in the past week too.  My granddaughter’s yearly trip with her stage school to London was exhausting but wonderful.  They appear in a West End Theatre together with 15 other schools from across England. My yearly Choir Convention in Bristol too, 500 plus people come together to sing and in the evening each individual choir performs to their peers.  So uplifting.

Now I am having a quiet week.  Child Care  duties in Bristol next week so I will need my strength! Families are the best and worst things in life but rare times together enhance the love for many of us.  Friends too.  Thank you all.+

8 responses to “The Wedding

  1. Just doesn’t get much better than that… ahh families

  2. What great family time you had. And your niece looks beautiful! Her dress is awesome! Congratulations to them. (And to Kate and William.) Your family has been very busy. It sounds like you’re due for a nice, quiet week. Enjoy!

  3. Thank you Laurie it was indeed a lovely day. My photo didn’t do credit to the dress but I liked the “off camera” moment.

  4. Sounds like a lovely occasion, Janey. You looked absolutely gorgeous, that colour is perfect for you! And of course the bride looked stunning, and how lovely that her mum gave her away. I can imagine how emotional that must have been. I look forward to hearing more about it. Until then, enjoy your break.

  5. Kerys looked like a Disney princess, her aim she said! Thanks about outfit, a brave departure of colour for me! Freezing today, hard to believe this time last week we had glorious sunshine.

  6. Love weddings that last a long weekend. Always such fun. Kerys looks beautiful. Sounds as though you had a lovely time. After so much excitement enjoy a peaceful and good long weekend. 🙂

  7. Thanks Kit, she did. This weekend they collected the keys to their new home, bit of work needed but they are over the moon. Young love.

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