Sedona and Jerome Arizona

arizona-1174462__340This was my first trip to Sedona and there is simply no words or pictures that can do it justice. We came down from Glendale and stopped at Jerome first so came in from dessert like terrain.  One minute bare vistas and then like magic the red rock formations appear. Beautiful. We stayed overnight and enjoyed a view from our window.

The weather was perfect. High 60’s which was perfect for walking around shopping.  I love the crystal shops.

Sedona has a history of being both sacred and powerful with mysterious cosmic forces that are said to come from the red rocks. It’s the place of vortexes that are considered to be swirling centers of energy that contribute to healing, meditation and self-exploration. It’s said that some feel inspired, recharged or uplifted after visiting a vortex. We didn’t explore any but just being in Sedona is uplifting. The air was fresh and felt … I don’t know maybe pure.  I know I want to go back.

Another must see is Jerome.  The road up to the old mining town is an experience in its self. It winds up and up until . . .  Jerome.  Mines produced around 33 million tons of copper, gold, silver, lead and zinc over a period of 77 years.  From the number of old buildings it must have been a booming town. A lot of the buildings were houses of ill repute.  Now they house restaurants and gift shops.  Of course what is a trip like this without food.  We had one of the best burgers ever. Huge, we split it and still struggled to eat it all.  It’s a really short drive to Sedona from Jerome, but if you are coming down from the Phoenix area and don’t want to be rushed I’d recommend an overnight stay at least.  The picture is one of the old brothel houses. 66EF0078-2B50-4C5E-967C-BB4E254DDE6A

We are already planning another long trip back to Arizona so hope to return to this area early next year.  Until then a cruise is in the near future.  Can our excursions be any different? But such is retirement life. LOVING IT!!!










10 responses to “Sedona and Jerome Arizona

  1. I love both Jerome and Sedona. I’ve only been to each once, but would love to return. Jerome was just a drive through on the way to Sedona & I missed so much of it. I enjoyed visiting vicariously through your journey there.

    • You really didn’t miss much by driving through Jerome. It’s like two streets. If not for tourism it would be a ghost town. But well worth stopping and browsing the stores and the food is terrific.

  2. I’m so happy to see the fun you’re having. I loved Sedona when I was there, though it was only for a few hours. There is definitely something special about that place.

  3. Wow fantastic colours. Keep your travelogues coming I really love hearing about places I’d love to visit. One day I will do the drive across the States Peter and I have on our bucket list.

  4. I’d love to visit those places, especially Sedona. The photo is awesome and it emanates power and mystery. Love hearing about your travels.

  5. Wow! Love the photo of the rock. I’ve never heard of Sedona before. Sounds a lovely place to visit. Sighs heavily – perhaps one day…

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