April Showers, May Flowers

So sorry I missed last month. I honestly don’t know what happened.

March was a busy month for me as I had a conference in Nashville, which is probably how I missed posting to the blog here.

Not much in my life has changed, I’ve been busy writing, with a little bit of traveling thrown in. Nashville was fun even if I never left the hotel, there wasn’t a lot of time to do any sightseeing or anything else.

But I had fun meeting new authors and readers, plus catching up with old friends. The down side of it beside traveling was I pulled my back out and just as it started to heal, I did it again. I’m happy to say all is well now.

I had a request from Laurie, who also does this blog around my pictures of Miss Penny. Miss Penny being a poodle has to be groomed. Her little hair grows so fast it amazes me. When she gets really furry I call her my little lamb chop. So Laurie requested before and after pictures.

Here is Penny before the groomer (as you can see she isn’t happy with me):


She’s so furry and wouldn’t let me clean her eyes properly.

Now here’s the after picture (her groomer Bobbie is holding her for me):


Doesn’t she look so cute. Her little shaved paws, clean face and looking like a dog again. She also smells really good after they get done with her.

I have to have her groomed every 5 to 6 weeks otherwise her hair starts growing over her eyes and she can’t see.

As for the title of the blog. Well, here in the Pacific Northwest we’re having lots of April showers, but summer will be here soon. We’ve had a few days of sun between the rain, and just enough my grass is growing faster than I want.

I hope everyone is doing well, and spring will arrive soon I’m sure.


6 responses to “April Showers, May Flowers

  1. Hellooooo, Miss Penny. I think you look cute either way, but boy, do you have beautiful eyes after a trim. And I’m sure you like being able to see well. Lol. And Nashville? Way cool. I told Mark if I ever get to a conference in Nashville, he has to join me at the end and we’ll tack on a couple extra days to tour around. He’s all in on that one. šŸ™‚ Anyhow, I’m really, really glad your back is better! And I hope we all get some spring soon!

  2. Miss Penny looks like a puppy with her clip. We’ve had poodles and schnauzers so much easier to keep up with scheduled hair cuts. We were in Nashville for, like you, a meeting and only managed a city tour. Swore we’d go back but haven’t made it. Glad you back is better. Back pain is no fun.

  3. so sweet with her new haircut! Jillian

  4. I hope spring has arrived and your back is fully recovered. Pretty Miss Penny looks so cute!

  5. Love Miss Penny’s new haircut!

  6. Miss Penny looks stunning. Really cut. Glad your back is better now. Horrible things, bad backs. Take care and hope spring has well and truly arrived. šŸ™‚

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