Of April Rain, Cold, Audits and Lemons

Jillian here. April thus far has been interesting here in the panhandle of Florida. It’s been abnormally cold. We always get a lot of rain in the merry month of April (yeah, I know the poem says May) but this year, it’s different as it’s not a warm rain. The days are not sunny and lovely (not many anyway); rather, they are cold and overcast. It’s been in the 40s Fahrenheit at night and we even had a fire in the fireplace yesterday as it never got much over 45 all day with the overcast skies. My son was shocked when he saw I’d made a fire. He said, “It’s April, Mom.” My response, “And I’m cold.”

We had torrential rain already on several days and Saturday, the 7th was especially heinous. Hobbes wouldn’t even get out of the bed. Poor thing.

I have a position I have to be audited in every four years. It’s never a bad thing but it is stressful to have someone going through your records and giving you a grade on how you’re doing. That was last week, so I am in the clear for four more years. I collapsed when it was over on Friday and didn’t do much all weekend. I watched my beloved Liverpool play on Saturday (Had to get up at 6:30 am for that) and read a book by Christopher Fowler. He’s such a great story teller. This was a book from the year 2000 called Calabash.

Today, I went to lunch at Sonny’s BBQ and ordered iced tea. The waitress asked if I wanted lemons. I said no.  She not only ignored that, she brought not one, but two glasses of tea with three lemon slices each. When I was ready to leave, she brought me another in a takeaway cup with three more slices of lemon.  I didn’t have the heart to tell her I didn’t want all that so I left them in the drink. I think that qualifies for my good deed of the day, doesn’t it?

Stay warm, my friends! IMG_4356 (2)

12 responses to “Of April Rain, Cold, Audits and Lemons

  1. Same here in Texas. It’s been crazy. Friday it was 82 and I was in the local garden center looking for a blooming plant to take to my writer’s group for a prize.
    Less than 24 hours later, it was noon and I was standing in front of the library waiting for it to open. I was in my long wool winter jacket. It was 34 degrees. I stood holding a bright pink Gerbera Daisy watching snow flurries dance in the air.
    HUH? This is spring?

    • I think my dad said it best, “we’re living in opposite world.” How wild this so-called spring has been. I’d heard it was snowing in parts of Texas. Wow. Stay warm. And here’s hoping you get some more 82 days. We’ve had a couple but not like usual.


  2. First of all, congratulations on getting through the audit. Hmmm. What’s the word for something that happens every four years? Quadrennial, right? Anyhow, well done! And I can just bet that rain is depressing. My sister in Philadelphia is still getting snow! It’s been a cold, cold start to the year. Hang on. It’ll end, and the humidity will return, along with the sunshine!

    • thanks. Audits are no fun even when you know you’re doing an adequate job. LOL And yep, right word. We are having a lovely day today. I actually enjoy the low humidity so I am not complaining about that part at all. 🙂

  3. Crazy weather every where. But when I look at the Northeast I stop whining about ours. At least it hasn’t been extreme just consistently yucky.

    Glad for that the audit is behind you for another 4 years. And, Laurie’s right the weather will change hopefully soon.

    • true. My son is glad he moved out of Rhode Island in late February. Much nicer down south than up there.

      And I thank you for your gladness that the audit is over. Me, too. I collapsed when it was done. Glad no one was rooting around in my files any longer. LOL

  4. Well done with the audit. Done and dusted for another four years. I hope the weather has improved, we actually had warm, sunny weather for almost a week but cold today. I love lemons but it looked like overload in your photo!

    • Agreed about the audit. So glad it’s done. It is warmer here in the days – still 40s and 50s at night but I’m okay with that. It’ll be scorching soon enough. And yes, lemon overload for sure. 😁


  5. Not surprised you collapsed after that audit, Jillian, but hope you’ve recovered now. And I’m with Hobbes re the torrential rain. Nope, not interested, LOL. And had to laugh at the waitress with the lemons.

  6. Glad I don’t have to go through audits any more. Stressful and tiring regardless of how meticulous one works. At least over now for the time being and behind you. Hope your weather has improved at last; ours has finally today with warm weather forecast, at least for a few days – just the thing for growing lemons. Seems your waitress must have had a glut of them :).

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