My Feline Life

At our office, we have a number of stray cats who come to hang out with us. We feed them and have fun petting them for stress relief. When it’s cold out, we let them stay inside. They all also have other houses they hang out at when we aren’t here. Sometimes they play well together and sometimes they hiss and fuss.

And then there’s my boy, Hobbes, who is spoiled rotten and lives at our house. Cats make me happy. They are way more loving than people give them credit for (and yes, I ended that sentence with a preposition which my dad ingrained in me not to do but I couldn’t think of another way to say it).

The first cat that adopted us at work was abandoned when her owner (who lived across the street) died. We, and the neighbor to the rear side of us, started sharing her. Since they live here, they kept her at night and weekends and we get her in the day. She’s a calico and we named her Cali. They named her Coco. 🙂  She’s on the top step of the back porch in the pics. She has been with us since December 2008 and is getting older and thinner.

The darker tortoiseshell one on the second step we named Camo. Short for Camouflage. Sometimes we can’t see here when the leaves are brown as she fits right in with them. She’s the sweetest of the crew. The man in the house to the side of us who moved in about six months ago has taken to her and she to him. He calls her Mamma. Before he moved in, she was hard to get to let us pet her but he’s made her more social.

The one in the client chair is Kit-en. Pronounced as our dear Kit with an N at the end. She’s a mess and loves to romp and play. My husband is fond of her and he is her human. He feeds her meat, biscuits and even occasionally scrambles her an egg with sausage. It’s hilarious to watch them share his breakfast at the office (his office is at the back of my building).

And then there is the king of the roost. Mr. Hobbes.  He likes to mess up my side of the bed and make himself comfy there while I’m at work (only when it’s cold, though). Here he is in all his glory, too.

I’m surrounded by felines but that’s all right by me.

What animals make your life better? Share a few sentences or a photo!

IMAG1059 (2)

Cali and Camo

IMG_4345 (2)


IMG_4340 (2)


12 responses to “My Feline Life

  1. Wow. What a difference in sizes between Cali and Cammo. It also amazes me how different cat’s personalities are. They have have a very distinct view of life and how they should be adored. 🙂 You already know our Dude, who we spend way to much time doing that adoring thing over. Not that he minds. Lol.

    • Yeah. Cali was much bigger when she was younger. She seems to be going downhill now which makes us sad. AND Yep, they def have distinct personalities. You can’t see Camo’s legs in this pic but she has the cutest little stubby legs. adorable. 🙂 And yes, the Dudester rules!!!!

  2. I love that you’re doing that with Cali and Cammo! And with the neighbors too, they end up with an extended family to love them.

  3. It does the heart good to see these kitties so happy. I used to work with a cat rescue, Feline Friends. I still follow them. Jo has spent her life working to “save one life at a time.” And, yes many people don’t get to see how unique and special cats with their personalities are.

    Thanks for the post of pictures, loved them.

    • Aww. I had no idea you worked at a cat rescue, Lavada. How wonderful. What a nice place to have worked or even volunteered at- such furry love all day long!! We sure do love our kitties. ❤

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous kitties, Jillian. And Mr. Hobbes is such a handsome fella. A friend of mine has ‘adopted’ a stray cat who comes calling for his dinner every evening about six. He’s a fat cat though, and we’re sure he has many adoptive parents in the neighborhood, and that they’re setting out his breakfast and lunch, not to mention his daily treats 🙂

    • thanks. We sure love all of them. Hobbes is a funny, funny guy and we adore him. I love that your friend has a dinner visitor. I bet he’s well-loved all through the neighborhood. 🙂

  5. This made me smile thanks Jillian. I get what you mean about cats, they chose to endow you with their presence but on their terms. Our old cat used to find me out if I was unwell and just lie with me purring. So Therapeutic. I miss her but several friends have cats who share their favours at times!

    • You’re right about cats and their terms, Jane. And they do seem to sense when we aren’t well and come to comfort us. Glad you had such a sweet one in your life and glad you have friends who share their kitties.


  6. Lovely photos. Cats can bring so much pleasure to people and they sure do have a mind of their own. 🙂

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