I’m An Addict

Having previously admitted to being a book junkie, I also have another addiction, so thought it time I ‘fessed up. It started out innocently. Something I thought I’d try, and as it was free saw no harm in dipping in once a week, but this soon turned into daily indulgences, sometimes several times a day. What am I talking about? Pinterest. Yes, I’m hooked on it.

Initially I was seeking inspiration for my paintings. Whilst I have hundreds of photographs, there are many places I would love to paint but haven’t had the opportunity to visit nor probably will. This progressed to having a board to show my paintings in the hope of sales. Thus one board soon turned into two, then three, then more. I saved pictures of landscapes, of gardens and flowers. Of beautiful places abroad. Of my favourite place: Greece.  Then several for books: those I’ve read and loved, authors I recommend, hoping to help boost their sales. Books I had to read at school. And school led to childhood memories.

Then I found all the rabbit photos. And I never could resist a bunny rabbit, particularly after my own dear Bunny decided life in Rhodes was better and thus dived into the hotel laundry basket never to be seen again.

Bunnies led to squirrels, particularly our native red ones. My board for them is slightly different. Squirrels are so endearing with such expressive postures and faces I couldn’t help myself. I put words into their mouths. Thus my Sssshhh Secret Squirrel board is loaded with my take on what they are really saying or thinking.

Pinteresting for hours on end made me hungry so I had to do it. I started a board based on food and recipes. This is also for research, you understand, in that I have this week started a sister blog: Kit’s Kitchen based on recipes that work for me, some I’ve created and others borrowed.

What I shouldn’t have looked at was all the beautiful jewellery photos. And what woman doesn’t drool over jewellery? In the end I had six boards devoted to the different coloured stones, diamonds and opals, pearls and everything else in between. It was getting out of hand. So in the end I deleted all my precious jewels but it still leaves me with 50 boards!

Now I restrict myself to dipping in only of an evening when all my chores and other things are done, and on days such as today when the wind is howling and the snow falling it’s a harmless pastime, if time devouring.


Is anyone else addicted like me?

Kit’s Website and Blog , Kit’s Kitchen  Kit’s Art  Site

15 responses to “I’m An Addict

  1. Love following all your boards Kit and it’s given me inspiration to create a new one for myself which features perfume bottles.

  2. Fun blog and I heartily endorse your addiction, Kit! Pinterest is brilliant.The Squirrels board is hilarious. I hadn’t realised that squirrels had so many expressions 🙂 As for Kit’s Kitchen, what can I say? You sure do make those tasty treats look irresistible. Enjoy your future pinning!

    • Secret Squirrels is my favourite board, I just can’t resist giving them a voice. Happy that someone finds them amusing. Don’t know why I didn’t think of Kit’s Kitchen before. Slow to start but seems to be taking off. I can see a recipe book on the horizon… 🙂

  3. I finally joined Pinterest but haven’t done much. After seeing your’s I’m rethinking it. I started one to store idea’s for redoing the shower.

    • I wasn’t that keen at first but now find Pinterest a useful source to get the thinking juices going. We’re on the verge of revamping our downstairs and possibly putting in a new kitchen so I’ve now a board for kitchen ideas. Finding some good ideas there. 🙂

  4. Loved this blog Kit. I’ve never used Pinterest but will check it out. Obviiusly need to ration oneself! X

  5. I too enjoy Pinterest, but I also love Instagram. Enjoy your addiction and I promise to take a peek at all your boards. Have a fabulous day. xxx

    • Have been trying to get going with Instagram but not very successful at the moment. Doesn’t help methinks that I don’t have a camera phone. Still will persevere. Take care and great seen you here, Pauline. x

  6. I had to ease myself away from that particular addiction because it was a daily (several times) habit but still visit from time to time! I will pop on to check out your boards, Kit – sounds like fun. Often when I’m Googling for things as we refurbish the new house, it’s Pinterest links that come up so it is a wealth of ideas. And there are much worse addictions … currently cutting down on my daily coffee consumption and struggling eek! Happy Monday! xx

    • Yes, far too easy to become addicted to these things. We’re about to redecorate our downstairs and kitchen; Pinterest proving very useful for finding ideas. Good luck with coffee reduction. I couldn’t cope without my 3 cups of a morning to get going. Have a great week, Linn. xx:)

  7. Just headed over and followed you. I’m only just starting to figure Pinterest out and started a couple boards. I’ll have to spend some more time over there and see if I can get addicted too. 🙂 and what a cool view of your winter yard. I’ll be hoping we get the same picture full of greenery this summer. 🙂

  8. Love that you dove in. I have refused to do so as I KNOW I will get sucked in and never come out! I love the things people post but I’ve resisted doing it. And very cool that you are doing Greece pics as well as recipes. Fun! Jillian

  9. I need to put Pintrest back on my phone…I deleted it for a time😊

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