Arizona – January

IMG_0959I didn’t post a blog last month. We spent the month of January in Arizona with beautiful sunny weather that was in the 80’s the last week we were there. Mostly the weather was in the mid 60 to high 70’s, the last week was a bit of a heat wave. It had us really thinking about coming home. The picture on the left is from Ricks (son) backyard. Rick and Linda bought the house last fall for futureIMG_0944 retirement. Like 3,000 sq ft with 5 bedrooms, 4 baths and a big beautiful backyard with swimming pool. I can see more winter months in Arizona.

A friend (Karen) and Sugar (Golden Lab) went with me. We drove down and it’s true what they say about a road trip being about a journey not a destination. We played on the way down, taking 4 days. Once down there we spent the days being lazy and exploring. IMG_0958There’s a lot to see. Wickenburg was a repeat for me. Nana’s, a local restaurant, is one of my favorite places.

We mostly did day trips though we did go up to Jerome a old mining town then over to Sedona and stayed the night.IMG_0974

I had never been to Sedona but fully intend to go again. Pictures don’t do it justice you have to see it. The picture is taken showing the view from the bed in our room.

I’ll try to write more about the things we did and saw in future blogs. Arizona was like another world. For example look at the pictures I just took of my back yard.








14 responses to “Arizona – January

  1. There’s just a tiny bit of difference between your beginning and ending pictures. Lol. I’m so glad you had fun in Arizona and love the pic with you in it. Sedona is SOOOO picturesque, isn’t it? I look forward to hearing more about your time there!

  2. I love the pictures and the trip sounds great, especially the warmth. My son and family fly over in March to spend a week in Phoenix with family and Arizona sounds fascinating. It must have been lovely to be warm for a few days. But photo at the end is beautiful too, through the window! Look forward to more details of the trip.

  3. This is the third year we have spent a winter month in Arizona and it’s like grabbing an extra month of spring. You need to hitch a ride with your son. You’d love it

  4. Sounds a fantastic trip and am so jealous of all that lovely warm sunshine. What a contrast, though, between the start and end photos. Am fascinated to hear more about your trip and looking forward to your future blogs. 🙂

  5. Glad to see some pics of your trip! Glad you had a break from the cold. It’s this time of the year that i really enjoy the weather down here…especially the mornings. I look forward to next pics!

    • I’m thinking of doing a series on some of the places we visited. Too long to put it all in one blog. This is so the time for Southern Ca and Arizona. Envy you these mornings.

  6. What a great trip! The photos are lovely, and the contrast fascinating 🙂 Oh, to have some warm weather. Rick and Linda have the right idea starting to build for retirement and what a place to do it. It has the added benefit, of course, of you being able to visit when you want. A win-win. And Sugar certainly looks at home enjoying the view of Sedona 🙂

  7. Beautiful! Love Arizona and what a lovely view. I know you enjoyed being warm. and the snow is pretty at your house, too but sunshine can’t be beat, can it? I’m glad you love the place and will have lots of chances to enjoy it. JIllian

    • It’s been colder than usual here this year. Karen and I are wondering why we didn’t stay longer. Rick has the pool heated now so we’ll be able to do more than just look at it the next time we go down.

  8. Good heaven’s you’re in Florida. Just checked the Glendale weather and it’s forecast for 83 today. Oh, just booked a cruise out of Ft. Lauderdale for next month. At least if the weather is cool there it will warm as we travel south.

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