Psychic Medium Funny Story

Jillian here. Happy February.

There’s a psychic medium here in my hometown who has actually helped our police and sheriff’s departments solve murder cases, so she seems pretty legit. Once a month or so, she holds open readings and one of my friends talked me into going. It was a  pretty neat experience.

One of the things I learned was that my belief that when cardinals fly into my yard or past my car window, that it’s truly what my family has always believed: deceased loved ones sending messages that we are still loved by them. It was weird as the psychic said, “Your grandmother says she’s the one sending the birds.”  I was shocked as I didn’t say a word about birds but I do see them  a lot- especially when I’m stressed.

She also indicted my grandmother was with the child I lost. It was when we first started the reading. She made a move like holding a baby and swaying with it and whispered almost to herself, “Are you her baby or is she your baby?” Gave me chills as I always wondered about the child I miscarried and if that little soul was in heaven. (In the past, I’ve had my palm read a few times and, every time, the person always says I was meant to be the mother of three- and I’ve never mentioned my miscarriage- seems spooky, almost, doesn’t it?).

Now comes the funny part. This medium-lady is African-American and she spent a bit of time talking about a person who she said was in the room. It sounded as if she was describing my maternal grandfather who died when I was eight but who I remember very well. She mentioned he was watching over my sister as well as me.

The psychic kept asking me if my sister was darker than me. I kept shaking my head and saying, “No, she has blonde hair.” The women kept persisting and saying my sister was darker than me. It was so funny because I was completely lost and was insistent that she was totally not darker.

The psychic finally said, “You don’t look biracial but is your sister? Is she dark-skinned like me?”

Then it dawned on me and I cracked up. I said, “When my sister was married, her last name was Black.”

Everyone in the room burst out laughing. The psychic shook her head and said, “Lord, girl. I’ve never had that happen but when I see someone of my race in my head, I have to ask if that’s who is being referred to. I saw her as black in skin but you led me on a merry chase to get to the truth.”

It was insane but it was creepy too as she was so right about that and that my long-deceased grandfather would’ve seen my sister when she was married to Mr. Black.

How about you? Any psychic experiences you’ve had?  Do you even believe some people have such a gift?

19 responses to “Psychic Medium Funny Story

  1. That is hilarious! And Lavada will LOVE this post. Me, I think I’m too much of a believer. I get too spooked by this stuff, so I’ve never been to a psychic. Kudos to you, though. 🙂

    • She totally made me into a believer. She didn’t get one thing wrong and some of it was super obscure. Not things she would’ve known from looking at me; especially my sister being Black. LOL! LOL! LOL!

  2. Oh My Gosh, my daughter will love this post. I’ve never been to a medium but have been to a physic recently. She read my palm and tarot cards. We had so much fun. A friend of like 70 years, my daughter and I went. Interesting and I guess my stand is that I’m not an un-believer. We were in Sedona a few weeks ago and it abounds with physic polar presence. I want to go back with Kris (daughter) and get a reading.

    Laurie is right, I loved this blog.

    • Glad you liked it and very cool that you went and had your palm read – I’ve also done the tarot thing. I didn’t know that about Sedona. I may need to take a visit there, too. I hope you’ll share your experiences with us!!

  3. Oh too many things to write on one comment form. Yes, I am a total believer! Too many experiences from childhood on. Growing up my mom had a best friend that was psychic. You could always tell when Dar was getting something. Her eyes would change as she focused on what she was getting. I remember being a teenager and of course having things going on that I did NOT want my mother or her best friend to know about. I’d try to totally block my brain – doing the la-la-la-la-la thing and putting a veil around me to keep Dar out. LOL And now 40/50 years later I have my own friends that have abilities.

    When my Grandma was in her final days, I was at home, laying on the bed reading. My significant other (at the time) said ‘Don’t look now, but you’ve got a little boy sitting on your back.’ He went on to describe him. Said he looked old-fashioned, was about 1-2 years old, was barefoot – filthy feet – and wearing overalls.

    Later, talking to my mom & telling her – she told me about Grandma’s little brother that died when he was 1 year old. Granny had to go work in the fields & an uncle was watching him – but not very well. He got into spoiled food & died. But the funny part about this is that he died several years before Grandma was even born. Grandma never even met her brother in life. And I didn’t know that story – so Dennis certainly didn’t know it either. But within days of her death, someone matching a description of what could be her brother, born in the Ozarks to a moonshiner with no running water & not even an outhouse – makes an appearance.

    • that’s a great story about the little boy. I love it and that he was there to help escort his sister to the other side. I, too have had many psychic experiences but I can’t control them. They just come as they want. It would be neat to be able to control them…but maybe too scary, too. I once read a book on seeing auras and as I got deeper into it, I got creeped out and never finished the book. So, I am intrigued by the whole thing but slightly scared of it, too. Someday, we need to have a long talk about our experiences.

  4. My answer is Yes, with a caveat.
    I think all of us have some psychic ability. Many have it stronger, (as any sense is stronger in some, smell, taste, etc.), but I think most have it trampled-down by others who no longer listen and are either afraid or have lost faith. I think most ‘imaginary playmates’ of children are perfectly legitimate angels or souls.
    On the other hand, so many use what they have and are just good at finding info or reading people in general.I find that many people give up more info in these reading than they intend to.
    Also, gee , I know there are bad spirits out there.If the person is picking up real info, where are they getting it?
    In either case of fraud or info from bad places, whatever decisions people make based on the future ‘seen’ by the readers is based on fraud or purposeful misleadings. (“I see you near large water” ; you won’t take a great job offer in Wyoming. “You will marry a tall blond”, you will turn away and average brunette; see what I mean?
    On the other hand,I have had too many experiences and heard too many which were believable NOT to believe that many people have such ability.

  5. Wow what a great blog. Mix of weird and possibility plus hilarity. I do believe in a force of good that comes from people who care for you even if you didn’t meet them in your life. The sense of other. Interesting that your psychic picked up on so many details of your life and connections. I am sure there is some substance to this but also remain sceptical.

    • I agree, Jane – I am skeptical as well. This lady was right on a lot of things. She also works for the police finding bodies and is successful with that so I tend to give her the benefit of the doubt, but you never know. 🙂 Jillian

  6. How hilarious! I’m always sceptical about mediums and psychics but do so want to believe. I’ve been to a couple of “shows” and whilst they are enjoyable something in me tells me most of what they say could be meaningful to someone in the room, no matter how vague. I did have a 1-to-1 reading a few years ago out of curiosity. She kept referring to my mother speaking from the other side, which wasn’t right because my mum is still with us. Without saying finally decided it was my mother in law. The medium also asked me who had the hip problem. There was no one in my family suffering, but a few months later my husband was diagnosed with a faulty hip that needed replacing. Coincidence or just a good guess? One wonders…:)

    • I agree that there are some readings that could apply to anyone. I went to a group one at Halloween about 10 years ago and the things that woman was saying could have applied to anybody there. She went on and on about an accountant until someone said she must be talking to them. LOL! Jillian

  7. Wow, Jillian, that was an amazing experience for you. I do believe, but think there are a lot of charlatans out there. When I was twenty a clairvoyant told me that she could see planes all around me and that I would have a life of adventures in overseas places. A couple of days before seeing her, I’d filled in an application to become an air stewardess, for which I was accepted. That gave me much food for thought.

    • I am with you on the charlatans, Tricia. but how cool that your lady saw the travel in your future. It’s fun to do these things but not take them too seriously. Jillian

  8. Good story well told. I wrote a story on my Blog called, What Next? about my experiences.

  9. I’m an absolute believer. I’ve never been to a psychic but I’ve had experiences in my own life. I don’t share this story often because it makes me sad but in 2005, I was sitting at work when everything around me darkened and a movie started playing in front of me. I later realized it was a vision. In the “movie” there was a baby laying face down on a bed and intuitively I knew this baby was dead. Just as soon as it appeared it was over. Weeks later, I got a call from a very close friend that her baby passed away. It was her baby that I saw. I never told her what I saw and still don’t know why I saw it. Was I supposed to do something? Idk but it has stayed with me over the years. I’ll never forget it. I’ve had lots of other experiences since but that was the most emotional for me.

    • Wow. That really was an emotional experience. I know it had to be hard for you. I’ve had some similar like when I dreamed a friend had a heart attack and she did at the exact time I woke up in a cold sweat. Some things like that happen a lot to me. It’s kind of scary and I worry about the people who show up in my dreams like that. Hugs to you on the difficult time you had with your vision. Thanks for sharing the experience.

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