Annual Blog – Winter Cabin

Well, it’s February. And my blog this time of year is pretty much a repeat of the one a year ago. Over The Backyard Fence started in September, 2010. Wow. I can’t believe this blog has been going for over 7 years. I love our chats, and the people we meet in the process.

My “repeat” blog is related to my family’s annual winter cabin adventure, which we do every January. My husband and I, our children, and grandchildren, all together. Three nights, four days, holed up in a “cabin” in the snow. Cabin is in quotes because for the last three years, we’ve needed two buildings to house us all.


We’ve been doing this for sixteen years. It’s almost hard to believe. The first year, we had eleven of our family at the cabin. This year, we had twenty-three! Wow. Not everyone can make it each year, but everyone tries for at least a day or two. And this year, we had four grandchildren bring their significant others. And…one seven month old great-grandchild (not pictured-he was napping). (When did I get old enough for that???)


We played card games, dice games, and board games. We ate. We watched football. And we ate some more. We talked until late in the night. Okay, I never made it as late as two of our family, who chatted until five the next morning!  I did, however, stay up way past my bedtime all three nights.


Oh, and we played in the snow. There wasn’t as much this year, but it was still fun. We also made extensive use of the half-court gym that came with the place.


It’s pretty cool when we all get together. We all know the routine. Who cooks, who does dishes. And the day we checked out, twenty-three people packed up and cleaned up in two hours. I am always amazed at how well we all work together.


So I came home exhausted from late nights, and ready for quiet after chaos and noise, but supremely happy at how the weekend went. It was a chance to talk through life events and set our thoughts forward to the coming year and what we want to accomplish.

I am so blessed by my family. And I hope each and every one of you have that kind of closeness surrounding you. For me, it is the buffer that keeps the negative at bay. And if our cabin adventure is any indication, 2018 is going to be an awesome year.

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11 responses to “Annual Blog – Winter Cabin

  1. I always love these cabin posts. What fun and what a great-looking family! ❤ Jillian

  2. Oh Laurie, another year and another wonderful cabin outing. I am so happy for you and your wonderful family. Love the pictures, you have a beautiful family.

  3. I too love the cabin posts Laurie, the sense of tradition and fun. What a wonderful family. Well done you for keeping up with the pace and “late” nights!

  4. So pleased for you and your family to have such valuable times together and such fun. Whilst my side of the family meets up as often as we can, Dave’s side only seems to catch up at weddings and funerals, as we did last week. We all said we must make the effort for a family gathering in the summer before it’s too late. Long may your tradition continue, Laurie. Those moments are precious. 🙂

  5. Your ‘cabin’ posts always give me a warm glow. How lovely to enjoy these get-togethers with your family. A blessing indeed. You all seem to get along so well and enjoy each others company. Great photos, especially the big group shot.

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