No More Bad Hair Days

I’ve been searching for months now to get the perfect hairdryer. Every model I’ve tried is just not right for some reason. Too blowy, too noisy, too hot, too whatever. But before you start thinking this woman is too picky for her own good, I should mention that the hairdryer is not for me, it’s for a certain little lady who is indeed too picky for her own good.

Vivvy has a morbid fear of hairdryers. She runs a mile as soon as she sees me enter the room advancing on her with the object of doom. But with the weather here in the UK this January consisting of rain, rain and yet more rain, the search for the perfect hairdryer has become vital if my home isn’t to smell consistently of sopping wet Golden Retriever.

When a friend suggested a heated hair brush might be the answer I jumped on the idea. And what do you know? It worked. 20180127_112536While there was some initial resistance, and I have to use it on the lowest, slowest setting, I now have a happy girl who doesn’t run away when it’s fur-drying time. In fact, she positively loves it, and actually falls asleep after a few strokes of the brush. She’ll even let me brush gently close to her ears, which is a real breakthrough.Β 20180127_112339

So, we now have a happy dry girl and a less smelly home. Result. All we need now is for it to stop raining…



10 responses to “No More Bad Hair Days

  1. Now that’s innovative thinking. I’m not sure I could have come up with that. Kudos to your friend. And, Miss Vivvy looks wonderful, in spite of all the wet hair. It’s definitely a soggy winter.

  2. Well done now you are all happy. Vivvy looks so sweet and relaxed. Rain and dogs! That distinctive aroma is unforgettable. Give her a hug from me. X

  3. So glad you found just right dryer. As always love Vivvy pictures and stories.

  4. Great idea. Vivvy looks completely chilled out and enjoying the experience. πŸ™‚

  5. Never heard of a heated hairbrush. I love that and it seems, so does Vivvy! Glad you found a solution. Jillian

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