Laziness or Good Time Management?

January started a bit differently to how I anticipated with a referral back to the Breast Care Unit.  Everything has worked out well and yesterday I had the All Clear. During waiting times I began to think of how I use my use my time, do I fill it up with things to do or am I enjoying my time? Probably a mixture of both but I want to enjoy this next decade of my life.

Large chunks of our days are spent planning, shopping and cooking meals which mostly we enjoy but do any of you sometimes get bored of this activity?  I do so have decided to cut some corners and have a delivery from a company called Hello Fresh which was recommended by a friend.  I await my first delivery next week of three meals to tempt Peter and my taste buds, all the ingredients except oil, salt and pepper are provided.  Meals are packed in a box with icepacks in case we are out so food remains fresh.  Monday 29th marks a change of routine as the only decision I need to make is which meal to cook first. On offer is Balsamic Steak with Red Cabbage and Potato Wedges; Tray-Bake Chicken with Roasted Vegetables, Tomato Salad and Minty Salsa; Thai Pork Stir Fry with Green Beans, Holy Basil and Rice (not sure of Holy Basil as it looks like Basil in the photo!). There is an option to choose different recipes but initially I have taken the easy route by choosing a Classic Box.  Directions are included with glossy pictures to make the process error free so I will report back on progress.

The question is am I being lazy or is this good time management?  By taking the drudge out of the meals I am free to enjoy cooking them but also freeing up time to do other things.  My life is full and active but increasingly I am allowing myself to stop, relax and just be.  In an early blog I mentioned a W H Davies poem Leisure which remains a favourite and a reminder:

“What is this life if full of care we have no time to stand and stare …”

First published in 1911 it is so relevant today. So my aim for 2018 is to stop, stand and stare at times and my goodness what I see.  Sparrows, blackbirds, starlings, robins, tits, pigeons and crows come daily to our garden with their various rituals.  The sparrows inhabit our big green hedge and are a constant source of pleasure to people passing by with their constant chatter.  We live in the centre of town, opposite a fire station and garage but are so lucky with our feathered friends.  Some of our human friends who live in the middle of countryside rarely have birds due to changes in farming techniques.

One more question for all of you – what motivates you to start writing? Please don’t say start!!

10 responses to “Laziness or Good Time Management?

  1. Yay for you, Jane. Giving yourself more time to enjoy life will never be a bad choice, so I applaud you. I’ve been tempted to try Hello Fresh. You’ll have to let me know what you think of them. As for the writing motivation? Motivation to start a book comes from a single idea. A Tall Ships festival was the imetus for my pirate series. A friend going through a trying time I wanted to understand got me writing another of my stories. So the reasons are varied. But the reason I started writing in the first place was that there were all these stories in my head whirling around. I’d think of them as I was laying bed at night, ready to drift off to sleep. Had to get them OUT. Lol.

  2. Thank you Laurie. I’ve certainly got ideas! Plus encouragement and support from Tricia and you. Confidence is a key thing too. Motivation is certainly apparent from you guys. Lots to think about. X

  3. Well done, Janey, that sounds like a great idea! I’m interested to hear how it turns out and what you think of Hello Fresh. And I’d put it in the ‘time management’ column 🙂
    As far as motivation to start writing? I’m with Laurie in that it comes with an idea (which can truly come from anywhere). That idea then takes root and the big question ‘what if?’ gets asked. That’s the big motivator for me, wondering where the idea can take you and your characters. I just recently shared a quote on social media from the great Pablo Picasso. “I begin with an idea, and then it becomes something else.” That’s certainly always been true for me. The original idea always morphs into that ‘something else’.

  4. Will definitely let you know. Time management is good! Thank you for your comment, you are such an inspiration to me. I am seriously considering options. Just scared I guess! See you soon. X

  5. I applaud your life change decision and Hello Fresh sounds like a fun thing to try. Stopping to assess and change or adjust course is something I need to do more often.

    Jane I was so happy to see your question on what motivates us to write. From your first blog post I’ve felt and thought of the amazing talent you have. Don’t over think it if you have a story just do like you do with the blog posts and write it. If there’s anything I can do to encourage you let me know.

  6. Thank you Lavada good advice which I appreciate. You, Laurie and Trish have been so encoraging. I am seriously considering options and have various threads developing. Small steps are the best way forward I think, not over thinking! I will definitely let you know how I progress.

    Hello Fresh box has just arrived! Looks interesting. Tonight we try Thai-Style Pork Stir-Fry known as Moo Pad Krapow! Mmm!! Will keep you posted.

  7. Good for you, Jane. Why waste time on mundane chores like shopping and cooking when there’s so much to explore, see and do. Will be very interested to hear how you got on with Hello Fresh.Certainly don’t class it as being lazy. I spend many happy hours simply watching the birds and enjoying nature, I would go nuts if I couldn’t. You asked what motivates us to start writing. Quite often just that: nature and life around around me and an irresistable urge to share that magical moment when you say “What if…”.

    • Thanks Kit for your comment. Hello Fresh will feature in this month’s blog as an update. Sorry late in commenting this month not sure where time has gone. Hope life improving for you.

  8. Glad you got the all clear and I love that you are finding ways to do less chore-type things and finding the joy in merely being and enjoying this life. It’s a hard thing for me so I am digging that you’re making such an effort. Go you!! Jillian

  9. Thank you Jillian. I will mention Hello Fresh in blog but a good exercise in “time management”. good to look at life and reassess sometimes..

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