Happy 2018

Sorry for posting late, I didn’t have a reminder on my calendar.

Happy 2018 – I hope everyone has a fantastic year.

I will say after the December weather I’ve finally come to the conclusion my sister didn’t quite tell me the truth about how much snow we get here in Western Washington. I did not expect a white Christmas. I know some enjoyed it, I did enjoy it, but I dislike going out in it. Luckily, my niece, has 4-wheel drive so she picked me up for the family Christmas celebration (which was on the 24th).

It was amazing the difference between my house and my niece’s, considering we barely live 15 miles from each other. I already had over an inch of snow, with ice already building up under it, where she just had wet streets. By Christmas day, I had 4 inches of snow, my niece and sister, an inch maybe inch and a half.

It just blew me away how different the snow was with us being that close together. So after that, and not being able to get out of my house for a couple of days (not that I would go out when there’s ice), I finally broke down and bought a snow shovel and a pair of boots. Yes, I’d been resisting the entire 5 years I’ve lived here. I kept being told, “it’s not that bad.”.

Well, to this California girl, it is that bad. I can handle the rain, the wind, and light snow, but not the inches of snow and ice. Maybe I’ll get used to it.

And poor Miss Penny, she really hates the snow. I’ve been told dogs have a no depth perception in snow. I don’t know if that’s the case with Penny or if she just doesn’t like how cold the snow was. All I got was these sad little dog eyes when she wanted to go outside and couldn’t.

But you don’t have to worry about Miss Penny, she stayed snuggled up in her bed.



4 responses to “Happy 2018

  1. Hello, Miss Penny! And Marie, too! I am different from you in that I love the snow, but I also don’t drive in it. It’s mostly from years of my husband saying (to other driver’s) when were out in the snow…”If you don’t know how to drive in the snow, stay home. Lol. I did love the look of our rare white Christmas. We have strange weather here, because two weeks later, we hit 60 degrees. Welcome to the Pacific Northwest, eh?

  2. I’m not a snow fan either. Looks pretty and I love watching it fall, especially at night, but that’s about all. It’s amazing how different snow fall can be between short distances. We don’t get much where we live for some reason, but we do have some (like we did the day after Boxing Day) everyone else gets it worse. Miss Penny certainly has the right idea. Funnily enough, I’m snuggled down in my fleece throw as I type this. … Roll on Spring, I say.

  3. Well done Marie you certainly rose to the challenge but I think Miss Penny had the best idea! We rarely get snow here but I too like seeing it out through the window. Am I right in thinking this year has had the worst snow for years. Keep warm and safe.

  4. Christmas was a surprise. The snow was beautiful but I agree with hating to drive when the roads get bad. 80s are in the forecast here in Arizona but we will be heading home the 5th. Back to what sounds like a very soggy Northwest. Ah Penny so has it right.

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