Goals or No Goals?

It’s New Year’s Eve as I type this blog. This past week has been focused on setting up my goals for 2018. Do you do goals? I’ve gone back and forth on them until the past few years. Mostly because every time I set them, I’d consider myself a failure for never getting them all done in the year.

Then I realized something, after a year of not doing goals. When I do goals, I get more done. So maybe I don’t lose all the pounds I want to lose. But I see that list up above my computer and try a little harder. And maybe I don’t get four books written (did I REALLY write that as a goal?) But I get 2 ½ done. And that’s more than the one I did the year I didn’t write goals.

And fellow blogger Tricia Jones gave me an idea at the beginning of 2017. She suggested writing 100 goals for the year. Yikes! That was intimidating. But I did it. Everything from losing weight to getting the windows washed and the closets gone through. At the end of the year, I’d accomplished 49 of those goals. And I got another 13 over the halfway mark. I honestly don’t think I’d have gotten that far without having taken a look at that list every month.

So I’m officially a fan of goals. And, being a list-maker (I take after my mother), it’s completely satisfying to have a list to work from and check things off of.

Whether you do goals or not, though, my wish for each of you is that 2018 is a safe, happy, and peace-filled year.

I’ll leave you with a picture of Dude, in a rare outside foray with snow on the ground. He REALLY doesn’t like the cold. Poor kitty. But we managed a rare white Christmas this year, so Dude’s mom (me) was VERY happy. 🙂 Laurie Ryan

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11 responses to “Goals or No Goals?

  1. Another ‘goals’ gal here, Laurie. I’m with you all the way. If I don’t write them down and make myself accountable they wouldn’t get done. Glad the 100 goals helped. It was pretty daunting, but effective 🙂
    The very best of luck for 2018. I know you have some biggies on your list this year and can’t wait to see them come to fruition.
    And hugs to Dude. He has my sympathies. Winter…brrrr…

  2. I’m not alone in goal-making, that’s for sure. But those weekly check-ins sure help keep me on track.

  3. whoa. 100 goals – just thinking about that makes me tired. Good for you for doing it and for making such great progress. Dude looks pathetically sad. Poor little love. Jillian

    • it was daunting and took a few days to compile But it was interesting. Haven’t done it yet this year, but I do have goals. And yep, Dude is sad. I’m very close to just buying him his own special light. Honestly, I think winter affects him that way.

      • awww. Get him the light and see if it helps. Poor bebe! And good for you on the goals. I bow to you. That would add soooo much pressure to me if I did that. 🙂

  4. So so so am a fan of goals. I did the 100 goals last year to and like you got far more done then I have in the past without them. Will do them this year. Dude is no dummy note thar he’s on a cleared walk.

  5. Love the idea of goals, but 100 of them! I usually have five or six (the losing weight one always at the top every year – and usually the one that misses) but if I only achieve just one of my goals this year then I shall be one happy bunny. Dude looks one cool cat. Enjoy your year and have a fabulous one!

  6. Almost a month on and I am just replying sorry Laurie but I am impressed at last year’s achievement on your goals and more. 100 sounds mind-blowing! I wonder how many you are on for this year already? Keep writing and Dude is great.

  7. PS losing weight is always a goal for me but I don’t write it down – maybe I should!

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