A New Year

Is it safe to put my head above the parapet yet? Have all the Christmas decorations and cards come down? Is everything back to normal? Well, it is in our house, leaving me with just one thing to say:


What does the new year hold in store for me, I wonder. Certainly hope a better one than that just gone. It was a year of  change and adjustments mainly centred on the man in my life: Dave underwent major surgery last April, then cataract ops (the second eye being done next Monday) and back in July he finally retired from work so lots of adjustments needed there on both parts but it has been lovely having him home. He told me the other day he’s enjoyed every minute of it so we must be doing something right. And even though my health hadn’t been top form, it wasn’t all bad and I did manage to get away for a week abroad to visit my brother for his 70th birthday.

Talking of holidays and birthdays, Dave is 70 in February and it’s our 40th wedding anniversary later in the year so we are planning a holiday once he gets his passport. His retirement gift from his boss was a four-figure holiday voucher so we are discussing where to go whilst waiting for the holiday brochures to arrive. This will be his first holiday for 20 years. We’re not into big celebrations or parties but we’ll come up with something to mark both occasions in our own little way.

Also looming is my first public art exhibition scheduled for May. I took the plunge last summer and joined an art group. There is no tutor, we do our own thing in our own medium. Some are leisure painters, others qualified and skilful in their craft. I still feel a little like the new girl in school and yet to learn everyone’s name but the discipline and concentration of being in a dedicated art group for a couple of hours each week is proving beneficial. The advice and support both received and given is beyond value and I’ve learnt a lot. So I’m busy deciding which pieces to exhibit and the best way to frame them. I had the two works below lined up but they’ve sold, which is wonderful. Meanwhile, I’m trying to decide what to paint next.

Dave suggested I paint the walls in the lounge. I don’t think he’s got the hang of this art business yet! But yes, we do have redecorating to do downstairs this year. There’s a fireplace we want removed, wallpaper to strip, walls replastered (and painted), ceilings repaired and oh dear, I have to start sorting out cupboards and decluttering as all the furniture and bits in the lounge and dining room will need to go into commercial storage as we have no garage and no room upstairs.

What else…? Oh, did I tell you I have novel due out in the next month or so? No? Hopefully, yes. And maybe one or two more during the year. Depends on how well everything goes, that’s if I can find the time between the paintbrushes and the garden spade as there’s lots to do outside as soon as the weather warms up. Roll on Spring. I did notice this morning through the rain that the snowdrops on the front lawn are in bud along with several hellebores, the daffodils are poking through and for the past week we’ve noted we’re drawing the curtains later and later of an afternoon so perhaps Spring isn’t so far away after all.

Okay, there were two things I wanted to say. The other is:


17 responses to “A New Year

  1. You certainly have both a busy and interesting year ahead Kit. Hope you find a fabulous location to take your holiday together xx

    • My money’s on Greece or Barbados. Or we might even do both! Looking for somewhere were he can do some beach or sea fishing whilst I watch from beneath a palm tree, G&T or rum punch in hand. 🙂

  2. Sounds like you’re in for a busy 2018 Kit! I hope you and Dave have a wonderful holiday, it sounds like you deserve it? Where’re you thinking of going? I’ll be sure to follow along with your posts 😊

  3. Love your Poppies, Kit! Trees are very ‘Constable’. Colours in your artwork are beautiful and I’m sure are very ‘sellable’. Good luck with all your enterprises this year – and most of all I wish you both a healthy one. Linda xx

    • Thank you, Linda, for your kind words. I love the poppy painting too and am working up a larger version. It’s certainly going to be a busy year. Hope your 2018 proves a good one too for you. 🙂 Best Wishes. xx

  4. Happy New Year, Kit! First off, I am so in awe of your talent. Those paintings are wonderful. I can hardly wait to hear about the success of your exhibition this Spring. Second, it’s lovely that you and Dave are going to take a holiday. It sounds like it’s long overdue. And that remodel sounds pretty major. Are you done with the backyard remodel? You have a lot in the pipe for this year. It always makes me feel good to look at the year ahead and the possibilities. I may not meet all of the goals I set, but in setting them, I meet more than I normally would. Happy New Year!

    • Happy New Year, Laurie. Hard landscaping finished in backyard. Just waiting now for Spring before we repair the lawns and revamp the flower borders etc. Looking pretty drab and dismal out there at the moment. And we’re trying to build up enthusiasm to start indoors; too cold here at the moment to begin although we were out today buying storage boxes for all my knicknacks and glassware to pack into. Plus we are need to find right builder to start the demolition of fireplace. All good fun. 🙂

  5. The paintings are fabulous, Kit. I don’t doubt that they have already sold. It’s really exciting having to plan your first public art exhibition!

    And can’t wait to hear what you decide on for your holiday in this year of celebrations for you both. Knowing you, it will be somewhere fabulous 🙂

    Good luck to Dave for Monday! And a very Happy New Year to you both! x

    • Thank you, Tricia. Getting nervous about the exhibition already! Off to the Mall next week to hunt down more holiday brochures – we can’t decide. And Dave’s eye op went well, thanks. Still can’t get used to him without glasses! 🙂

  6. wow! lots going on with you!! I’m glad Dave is doing better and way to go on getting to take a great holiday with him in 2018. Happy birthday and anniversary! I love your artwork. So lovely. I’m proud of you for stepping out there with it.

    And congrats on the new book coming! be sure to share it here with us! Happy New Year to you, Kit! Jillian

    • Thank, Jillian. It’s a hard push for me to put my paintings out there but one that’s got to be done and I am grateful for all the support everyone gives. Certainly appreciated. Always find it hard too to decide whether I’m going to write or paint during the day so do both: book in the morning, art in the afternoon. Works for me at the moment until the garden starts calling me next month. 🙂

  7. I love the paintings and not a bit surprised that they sold before the show. I hope you will post the exhibition entries I’d love to be there. Congratulations on the book coming out.

    Sounds like it’s going to be an exciting 2018 for you.

    • Thank you, Lavada. Am planning a post about the exhibition in due course and must remember to take my camera with me. Yes, certainly sounds as if I’m in for a busy year. 🙂

  8. Sorry not to reply sooner Kit but what a year awaits you both. Sounds challenging but fun. Please let me have dates for your exhibition as I’d love to visit. I enjoy the photos of your paintings but would love to see them myself. You may have started late but definitely a talent. Dave has quite a year too for the start of his 70s. Good luck in planning the trip.

    • No worries, Jane. The exhibition of the art group’s paintings is to take place over the weekend of 12th May. It would be lovely to see you there and to finally meet you in person. I will make sure you have all the details in due course. PS: we still can’t agree on where to go for our holiday, but we’re not in any rush. 🙂

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