Paddington and the Burglar

I hope everyone had a happy and safe Christmas.

Looking back to my December blogs I seem to have set up a tradition by posting a video of my favourite seasonal advert. My winner this year is the Marks and Spencer one featuring Paddington Bear. It’s a bit schmaltzy, but then I’m a sucker for a bit of that, especially at Christmas-time.

Here it is:

Did you have a favourite?

11 responses to “Paddington and the Burglar

  1. awww! Sweet! Love it! Glad you shared it as we don’t have M&S over here. Happy Christmas week to you and your family, Tricia. Jillian

  2. Yep, another winner. I just re-posted one of your past blogs on Facebook because the commercial made me cry. That was the “man in the moon” one. You do know how to pick advertisements that tug at our heart strings. Merry Christmas! And a safe and peace-filled new year!

  3. Your Christmasadvert blog always make me smile! X

  4. Have to agree with you, Tricia, the M&S advert was the best of them all this year although I was rather taken with the Very one. Hope you and Adrian and Vivvy had a good Christmas. xx

  5. Oh, the Very one. I’d forgotten about that! Probably because I didn’t see it on air very (excuse the pun) much 🙂 So sweet. Happy New Year, Kit!

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