Merry Christmas Everyone

I thought I would send a photo of our local Christmas lights at the Town Hall.  It doesn’t do the display justice as it is grand, colourful and leads through the whole of our main street and market place but it represents what a strong community I live in.   All year the Christmas Lights Team work long hours planning, preparing, repairing and generally getting ready for the big day – Switch On Day – usually first Saturday in December.  The team are all volunteers giving freely of their time and expertise, a mix of ages and sexes but committed to providing a spectacular centrepiece for our town.  Fundraising events, donations, food, entertainment all provided by volunteers and local businesses.  During the day things start to build up with a Christmas Fair, Father Christmas visits too and last minute checks on equipment.  Over the years the displays have become more sophisticated but so have costs such as insurance and equipment.  The volunteers work tirelessly especially during the last few days.  Their reward is seeing families, friends and visitors gather around the magnificent tree around 4.30pm in readiness for the big moment.  A local child, often representing one of the local charities, is chosen to help the Mayor switch on.  This year there are stunning special lighting effects which make the surrounding trees and buildings look magical.  People come from miles away to visit and view the lights, donation boxes help fundraise for next year – forward planning here.  Many of the shop keepers have individual trees lighted up on their shop fronts all adding to the magic.  The lights stretch about half a mile through the town.  Carol singing and cheering all add to the excitement.  I am so proud to be part of this community but especially want to say the whole event demonstrates the power of people coming together for the greater good.  Thank you to my Town.

Special thanks too to my blog friends, you are an amazing group of talented people who have given support, love and encouragement to me across the miles.  Merry Christmas to you all and your friends and families.


13 responses to “Merry Christmas Everyone

  1. Beautiful Jane. This is the first time I’ve lived in a community type setting and like you, I love it. There’s a sense of belonging and pride. I feel so fortunate to have you as a part of the Over The Back Yard blogging group. Your posts have added to our blog and I look forward to them. Merry Christmas to and your family and may 2018 be bright and happy.

    • Thank you Lavada you are so encouraging. I hope Christmas was great and send you the best of all you hope for in 2018.

  2. It looks absolutely beautiful, and the switch-on sounds like a real community affair. I absolutely love the magic and sparkle of this season. Merry Christmas to you and Peter and I hope 2018 brings you good things all round. x

  3. Very pretty Merry Christmas looks like we will have a white one this year.

  4. Very pretty Merry Christmas looks like we will have a white one this year.

    • I love looking at the snow when it’s fresh and crisp but it turns to slush quickly here. I bet it looks great with you. Happy New Year

  5. beautiful. I love it. And that they choose a child to help with the lighting is wonderful. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Jillian

  6. Ooooh, I love this. This could be a Hallmark Christmas movie, that of a town and its community sense of Christmas. Thanks for sharing, Jane. I love stories like this and the town hall looks awesome!

  7. Thank you Laurie only thing missing was snow. I hope you had a great Christmas. Best wishes for 2018. X

  8. Absolutely magical, Jane. What a lovely community to be part of. Hope you had a good Christmas and I sincerely hope 2018 turns out good for you and Peter. You both deserve a good one! x 🙂

  9. Happy New Year Kit and thank you. Peter doing well though waiting for more hospital appointments and being positive about adjustments to life. Keep writing! X

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