December Tradition

Jillian here. Sorry I’m late posting. I was in Atlanta, Georgia and didn’t arrive home until late last night. It actually snowed when I was driving up there and snowed on us while we were there. It was cool but since I’m not used to driving in it, it was a bit daunting.

One of my annual traditions since 1998 is traveling to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra in concert. They never come to my hometown so I’ve traveled to New Orleans Louisiana, Biloxi, Mississippi, New York City (Just happened to be there on vacation when they were playing), and Birmingham, Alabama to see them.

1998 was the first year they went on tour and they were in the Saenger Theatre in New Orleans which is a small theatre (2,600 capacity) compared to the large arenas they play now (9,500 in the show I went to- and that was matinee- they had another show set for the evening). I feel almost like I’ve grown up with them as I’ve only missed two years since that first one.  I also like that they donate $1.00 from each ticket to a local charity. For the matinee yesterday, they donated $9,500.00 to the local chapter of the Susan Komen Foundation. They also said the total donations from these ticket sales over the years was over 15 million dollars back to local charities. I love that.

We were in seats 1 and 2 on the floor in the first row. It was awesome to be that close. I’m a fan club member so we always get good seats but these were the best ever. My sister even got a drum stick from the drummer at the end of the show.  That was super cool.

To me, this concert always means Christmas is here!  Happy and Merry Christmas to all of you!  Here are some pics I took.  Here’s a link to one of the songs.  And another one.





10 responses to “December Tradition

  1. That is totally cool! I’m so glad you get to go to them every year. i love their signature song. and now I’m off to listen to the selections you provided links for. Thanks!

  2. Beautiful music from gifted artists. It’s playing in the background now with snow falling over the computer screen. Nice. Talking about snow I’ve been following the unusual southern phenomenon on the news. It’s cold here but no snow.

    • It is indeed lovely music and I’m glad you have it playing, Lavada. And yep, it’s weird weather here in Fla, too. We had snow here as well. A rare phenomenon for sure. It happens but not regularly.

  3. How brilliant, Jillian, and what a great tradition. So good that they donate to charity, too. Happy Christmas!

  4. Wow sounds fantastic. What a great band and tradition for you to start run down to holiday season.

  5. What a super tradition. Great band too. 🙂

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