Growing Older is…Fun!

One of the fun things about growing older is that you have a lot of memories about celebrations. Thanksgiving, for instance. I grew up going to my Grandma and Grampa’s house. Now, I’m one of five children. My Grandma and Grampa had eleven children. So I’ve got a few cousins. And that house was chaos every Thanksgiving. Wonderful, crazy, memory-filled chaos. This picture is just one of the tables. There were, if I recall, four or five to fit us all in. During the day, we kids would play in the bedrooms and attic upstairs. Hide and Seek or whatever we could invent. After dinner, Grampa got out the projector and we all snickered and laughed at each other as he showed family slides.

I’m the one peeking out from behind my Aunt Irene in the red. My mother is sitting across the table from me, in black.

Once I began having kids of my own, we had our own Thanksgivings. With our children, inviting our parents, family, and friends. Tables set for as low as seven and as many as eighteen. Each year as much fun as the last.

Now, as a parent of five and grandparent of eight, the baton has officially been passed. Oh, we’ve been mooching, er, getting invited to our children’s houses, or our siblings houses, for a few years. But this year was a first. We were invited to our grandson’s house. Wow.

It was small by our family’s standards, only eight of us. But that meant we actually got a chance to talk, instead of flying by with rolls or mashing potatoes over a story. It was one of the nicest holidays I’ve had. And the best part is the two pictures below. My grandson baked and brought a pumpkin pie to Thanksgiving at our house when he was a teenager. This year, I returned the favor, bringing pies to his house. Full circle.

Our children are fairly spread out and we’ve decided to start traveling for as long as we’re able, spending Thanksgivings with them each in turn (if the weather permits.) So I know there are more fun holidays in store.

If you celebrated Thanksgiving, I hope the dinner was great and the conversation lively. If you didn’t, at least you didn’t gain the weight the rest of us did!  And my wish to you all is a holiday season filled with love and peace and laughter.

Happy American Thanksgiving (11/23/17)
Happy Hanukkah (12/12-20/17)
Merry Christmas (12/25/17)
Happy Kwanzaa (12/26/17-1/1/18)

And a very safe and hope-filled New Year (1/1/18)
Laurie Ryan and family

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10 responses to “Growing Older is…Fun!

  1. It was fun reading of your families Holiday saga. Ours too has evolved over the years. First the dinners grew, then leveled off, then shrunk but always fun and memory making. I still host a lot of the events. The last few Christmas’s it has been brunch, then over to sons for dinner. This year we are just to big so brunch here, then dinner with just a few. Granddaughter is cooking here. Love the pictures of the pie and grandson. They do grow up

    • Yes,they DO grow up. It’s crazy. Not long ago, we weren’t sure he’d make it to twenty. Now, he’s got a good job, a great girlfriend, and has bought a house. What a different a few years makes. Lol. Aren’t all our memories wonderful to have? We are truly blessed.

  2. Love the old photo. This time of year, I always miss all those who have gone before and who we used to have wonderful holidays with. I’m glad for continuing families and new memories but I sure do miss the old folks and me being the one at the kids’ table! Happy whole holiday season to you and all your family!

  3. Love those photos, Laurie. What a lovely thing to have swapped your ‘tradition’ by taking the pumpkin pie to your grandson’s house. It’s good that you’ve decided to do the Thanksgiving visits, too. Time certainly does fly and we need to do these things. Happy Christmas!

  4. Love the thought of you and your family with old and new traditions between generations. Getting older is part of this and makes me appreciate them even more.

  5. Lovely photos, Laurie. I think Thanksgiving is such a homely family tradition and so good for keeping generations together. 🙂

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