Kennedy – Six Months

IMG_0921Oh – my – gosh, how fast time flies. Kennedy is six months old. I could write a blog featuring her every month. I’m betting every grandmother out there could.

This blog is going to be more pictures than text, but she has a way of talking with her personality. Though she’s pretty vocal, well maybe really vocal. The other day a friend was over and Kennedy was in her little saucer. She loves company and was talking away. Karen said, “She is really talkative.” I said, “Yep probably going to get kicked out of kindergarten.” 🙂 🙂

The picture above is her Halloween costume and she seems to be telling her mother, “REALLY!”

And here’s one of her Santa Claus pictures. As you can imagine Char could already fill a good sized album. I love the shoes peeking out.


I am still keeping Kennedy every other Monday and Tuesday. She is such a happy little one that she spreads it around to everyone she is with. She is easier to watch, in that she amuses herself for longer. The other day she played in her playpen for a good forty-five minutes. She plays so hard she poops out.


She’d eating solids and has a terrific appetite. The picture is at Kris’s and she waiting for another bite from grandma. “Come on Grandma, no more pictures, my mouth is waiting.”


Okay one more picture. The pictures are all recent. This one was taken a week ago. I know, I am no doubt a typical grandma with pictures ready for anyone who’s around. Next Kennedy blog is planned for when she’s a year old and it’s coming way to fast.



11 responses to “Kennedy – Six Months

  1. Gorgeous. Kennedy seems quite a character already and so sweet. You are allowed to feel thrilled with her as you are her grandma. My girls are 14 and 11 but still warm my heart. Thank you for making me go gooey! X

  2. Oh, my, gosh. She is so stinkin’ cute! I kept going over the pictures and trying to figure out which one I liked best. I love them all. She’s very photogenic and I’m so glad you’re getting this time with her!

    • She is photogenic, and you wouldn’t believe the pictures Char has. You know first baby. 🙂 The phone allows us to share so much more of her life. Like a video of her first time eating. Oh and her favorite is pea/spinach combo. Not so fond of banana’s.

  3. what a lovely, lovely little girl. So precious. Great pics and yes, I can see her little personality shining through. Good for you that you get to spend so much time with her! Jillian

  4. Oh, she is absolutely gorgeous. I want to give her a really BIG cuddle 🙂 She sounds like a real character already. Great photos! Enjoy your precious time with your little sweetheart.

  5. Thanks Tricia. We are off for Thanksgiving in a few and will see how well she does. She loves people so I’m thinking she will be fun, but she likes to chatter if she has the least bit of encouragement so I don’t know. 🙂

  6. She is so utterly adorable. I never used to go gooey eyed at babies but lately as I’ve gotten a lot older I seem unable to resist them. Want to hug her to bits. Please give her a special little hug from me. Keep the photos coming, Lavada. We love them. 🙂

  7. Thank You Kit, I’m horrible about whipping out a photo at the least excuse. I’ve been known to share the latest ones out shopping for groceries. 🙂 🙂

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