Will our rain is here and it is certainly making up for our long, hot summer.  I promised I would not complain this year about all of our rain but really!! this is a little out of control.

Will my getting rid of the cows didn’t really work, just kind of.  I decided one of the cows—my favorite—had bad hoofs and the guy hadn’t come to trim her so maybe—just maybe we should keep her.  Needless to say, all the cows are gone except Laney and she is loving it.  I was afraid she would be lonely and wonder off but she stays pretty close to the barn, is always in the barn when I go to feed her, loves her “treats”, apples, carrots, leftover salad.  I tell her she is on a diet but not sure she believes it.  So now my plan is to get some weight off of her and get her bred and we are listed as a farm so I really do need to keep the farm going—right!!  I’m also ready for some goats but haven’t really convinced Jim.  One of our sons might just drop a couple off one day when we are gone—maybe!

I did pull my name from the Fair Board application.  They meet once a month which I don’t mind but they also meet every Saturday all year long and I decided I really didn’t want to spend my Saturday’s driving 45 minutes to the Fair Grounds, then sit through an hour meeting and then drive home.  Family is too important to me and I would be missing ball games with my youngest granddaughter—can’t do that.  I’ll still be Livestock Superintendent and work on the Fair Grounds to get a lot of needed repairs done but just not go to all those meetings.

Not a lot happening at the Knox’s but we have been picking apples.  Last year we had so many apples Jim took them to meetings and neighbors but this year we may have about 8 boxes.  We did donate a garbage can full to the FFA program for cider but picking is pretty scarce.  I don’t even have any pictures to send you so here is my Thanksgiving wish for each of you.thumbnail_IMG_4079.jpg

8 responses to “NOVEMBER

  1. Happy Thanksgiving Nancy. And, yes the weather is something else. Even snow already. Only one cow? That is downsizing. Well for awhile, goats will keep you busy. You do know they can be little escape artists but oh so cute.

    We need to get together and catch up.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Nancy! Wow, down to one cow, huh? I’m guessing you still have to get up early in the morning to feed her, but you’d probably be doing that anyway. I know I’m settled in a natural wake-up time that is much earlier than I predicted for my retirement. Lol.

  3. Hope it’s finally stopped raining Nancy. Loved hearing about Laney and hope you get the goats! We all have to prioritise our time at some stage and I think you have your’s sorted.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving! And wonderful that you kept one cow to hang out with. Sounds like the two of you have a great relationship. 🙂 I love animals and I can totally tell you do as well. AND good for you for choosing family. Every Saturday is way too much time away from them. Jillian

  5. That’s sweet, keeping Laney. Aww. And well done pulling out of the board. Spending time with your family, and those ball games with your granddaughter, are far more important.

  6. Hope your Thanksgiving was good and that the rain has stopped. Fingers crossed you get the goats, they will no doubt keep Laney company but sounds like she’s enjoying herself. Time with family is most important so can understand why you’ve decided to downsize and prioritise what’s important for you.

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