A Day Late

I’m a day late in posting. Sorry about that.

I was at a writer’s conference this weekend and didn’t have my computer to post.

It’s NaNo month, National Novel Writing Month. For a lot of us that means trying to get a rough draft of a 50,000 word novel or more done. Sounds a little crazy, and it can be. For me the point is to get the butt in the chair and just write.

I’m not doing bad. I planned for the days I would be away so I know how many words I need to do a day to make my goal. We’ll see at the end of the month how it goes. And I also received edits from my publisher so I need to work on those. Fun times.

It’s been pretty rainy up her in the Pacific Northwest, but that’s okay, that’s what our winter are rain. We did have a very early snow (at least early to me) around the 5th of November. Usually we’re lucky to see snow in December, maybe January. But with the rain, the weather is a little warmer.

As always here’s a Penny picture. This one was taken this weekend while she stayed at the doggy hotel, and had play camp. This is her buddy Tucker. As you can tell they are real party animals.

Penny and Tucker 11-11-17


6 responses to “A Day Late

  1. Good luck from another NaNo-er! Love the photo of Penny and Tucker at Play Camp.

  2. Hello, Miss Penny! And Tucker. That picture is awesome! And I’m glad you’re rocking NaNo! I’m still on track, too, after a weekend away. This week I have a lot of words I want to write to make sure I’m on track. 🙂

  3. I am so impressed with NaNo-ers. I’ve never tried it. I was surprised to see that snow and yesterday was nasty with the rain and wind. Yep winter, time to head south. 🙂

    Wishing you and Penny a Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. Love the photo! NaNo sounds bonkers but hope all going well! For Trisha and Laurie too.

  5. Hope your NaNo adventure is going well. Jillian

  6. Hope the Nano went well. Must attack myself next year. Seems the only way lately I get any writing done. Miss Penny and Tucker look like they’re having a ball!

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