We recently returned from a vacation that I call one of my top three best vacations. A year ago, we booked a fifteen day Hawaii cruise. Not fifteen  days in Hawaii. This one was round trip from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Five wonderful, relaxing days at sea getting over to the islands, four islands to visit, and five wonderful, relaxing days at sea coming home.

I found something out. I LOVE at sea days. I woke up and went walking on the Promenade deck each morning with beautiful ocean all around me.  (I may have mentioned once or twice that I LOVE the water.) I went to line dancing classes, walked again with my husband. I swam in the pool. I read FIVE books in two weeks. Five. Haven’t done that in quite a while.

My husband immersed himself in shipboard things, too. We watched fruit carving, ice carving, beer pong. We watched football. Got to watch  our Seattle Seahawks on the big screen by the pool. We proudly wore our “twelve” shirts and there were a lot of Hawk’s fans on board. In fact, that’s one of the things we love about cruising. Meeting and talking to so many people.

In the islands, we didn’t do much on Oahu. It’s a little too much like the big city and we get that at home. On Kauai, the Garden Island, we saw the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific,” Waimea Canyon. The pictures don’t do the rusts and verdant greens justice. It was beautiful!

On the Big Island, we went to the Kilauea caldera, the large crater and active steam vent that is huge and spectacular.

And look at the picture my husband got of the moon. Wow!

On Maui, I got to check off another bucket list item. We were in Hawaii once before, 27 years earlier, and I didn’t get out to Molokini to snorkel. We did this time. I was very worried about climbing up that swim ladder back into the boat, but I DID it! Twice! The water was warm, the fish and coral beautiful, and, just for a little while, I felt young again. It was awesome.

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Then came the homeward bound trip. I have to say that about two days from our return port, we both were feeling the tug to be back home. We’d left our Dude in good care, but knew he would miss us. Of course, the fact that, after an entire cruise of calm waters, we had two days of Gale Force winds and 10-15 foot seas might have helped us be ready to disembark.

All in all, it was amazing, restful, and beautiful. My husband and I danced, went to shows, held hands, and just enjoyed each other and the scenery. A perfect anniversary present to ourselves.

Now home, the weather’s changing. We even had a touch of snow yesterday. I’m okay with that. I like my seasons. It was nice to be tropical for a couple weeks, but even in 35 or 40 degree weather, I’m up, dressed and out the door for a walk around 8am. It feels good to be home.

Have a wonderful November, everyone! And Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it!





14 responses to “Hawaii!

  1. What a fantastic trip. I was surprised that like you, I love the days at sea. We’ve never had one designed like yours though. Love the pictures you certainly made the most of the time.

  2. Congratulations! It all sounds fantastic! I love the sea and have been landlocked for far too long. Glad you had such a great time.Love the pix!

    • Thanks, Tonette! I’m never really landlocked because I live near Puget Sound, but I realized I haven’t been finding water to look at often enough. I’ve started, one day a week, doing my walk down on the waterfront now, to get my fix. 🙂

  3. Wow! Sounds delightful! I love all the pics and the enjoyment in shining through on your faces. Your soul must have been nourished by the trip. All the activities sound great. AND reading so much! YEAH!! Jillian

  4. It was AWESOME! Yep, I could live by the water and…well, get nothing done except staring at it. I guess it’s a good idea I’m a little inland, eh? 🙂

  5. Ahoy, Laurie! What a truly fab trip you had. The photos were great and you both look so happy. You managed to fit in some amazing things and made a lot of wonderful memories.

  6. Laurie this sounds like a dream trip, I’ve never been on a cruise but am tempted after your account. Marvellous time to share and enjoy together. Photos are great and I agree that you both look so happy. Have you booked your next one? Tough to follow though. X

    • We take a cruise about every other year, Jane. And I highly recommend it. Haven’t booked our next one yet, but I’m working on Mark to maybe take a flight across the pond. The Mediterranean beckons. 🙂

  7. Oh, wow! What a fantastic trip. I’ve never fancied a cruise and don’t have good sea legs but think I might risk one for such a trip. You lucky lucky lady. Thanks for the wonderful photos.

    • I would expect the Mediterranean to be rather calm for cruising. I might be wrong. I don’t know much about it. But I do understand not being comfortable on the water. Thank goodness for shore side hotels,eh?

  8. YourLastDayOnEarth

    Beautiful photos💕💛

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