All The Kings Women

AlltheKingsWomen-catalogA group of us from Jubilee took in a live production at Olympia Little Theater this past weekend. The theater, tucked away in a rural residential area, was started in 1939 and though it’s moved around, has been a fixture in Olympia. It’s seen us through boon times and bad. Even through World War II.

In all the years, this is only the second show I’ve seen. And, I’m not sure why because both have been exceptional. The cast is talented and the seating is well done so everyone has a great view.

Sundays show was All The Kings Women. It’s a fast paced comedy that brought back memories. Between scene breaks they had news bulletins from past radio programs and some Elvis Presley music. Again, a blast of nostalgia.

The plot is about the women in Elvis Presley’s life, he wasn’t in any of the scenes. And, the women were everyday people. Like the saleswoman that sold his mother his first guitar for his 11th birthday. And a scene with the staff (women) negotiating his first big TV appearance. I saw that Ed Sullivan show. <sigh>

If you live in Olympia or the area I’d recommend taking advantage of this hidden gem. Upcoming shows are on their website at

I’m thinking almost every town or community has live theater close by. It’s worth researching and supporting. It would be a shame to have them become extinct.








8 responses to “All The Kings Women

  1. That sounds pretty darn cool. We have small town theater here and I never go. I’m not sure why, because I do try to support the arts. Going to have to take a closer look at our local theater. Thanks for the reminder!

    • They don’t advertise local theater much. I imagine it’s in large part because of a limited budget. I happened to pick up a flyer at the Jubilee lodge and saw this production. Glad I did.

  2. I love live theatre, we also have open air productions in summer mainly Shakespeare which adds another dimension. The play sounds interesting as well as nostalgic, especially the strong women in the King’s life. We have all those years gone? That’s a plot line in itself!

  3. Hopefully this glimpse of live theater will motivate me to take in more shows. I agree, Where have all the years gone would be a good plot line.

  4. That sounds like a fun thing to do! And what a great title for a show. I agree that we really should support local culture otherwise it will be lost. I go with a group of friends to the cinema in the town hall once a month. We get movies that have done their stint in the main cinemas so they are only a few months old. It’s good fun.

  5. So enjoy live theatre and your post reminded me I haven’t seen a play or show for some time so much rectify that omission soon.

  6. I Love the theater- I’m glad you do, too. This show sounds really good. I think I would have loved the music, too. Jillian

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