Happy October? Summer in Fall?

Jillian here. Sorry I missed my post last month. I had what was supposed to be a minor surgery that turned a bit more complex and I wasn’t able to focus for more than 10 minutes at a time even in the run up to the surgery. The good news is, I do not have cancer so I can relax about that. YAY!

So, it’s October. Yeah. Tell me about it. Here where I live, today, it’s 86 degrees F with a heat index of 98.  AND it’s predicted to be that for the foreseeable future (the 10 day forecast)- it seems we are in a never-ending summer.

Hurricane Nate came to visit us over the weekend (and #1 son was here visiting from Rhode Island). It was pretty much a non-event. I’m grateful for that for sure. It DID blow my front door open which was interesting but other than that and the cloth on my husband’s pergola ripping down, we had a little rain and hardly any wind. The issue now is the longer it stays hot, the worse this hurricane season can get. The water needs to cool so the storms will die out but what chance does it have when the temps won’t go down?  So, we get to sweat and fret. AND the weather channel ghouls who seem to take great joy in hyping these storms aren’t doing anyone any favors.

So, to cheer you up if you’ve stuck with this whiny post this long, I’m attaching a picture of Hobbes when he interrupted me and my sons playing Trivial Pursuit the other night and one of #1 son and his dog, Primm.

Happy October-  and mail me some cool weather, someone. Please.

imagejpeg_1 (2)IMG_20170928_124031 (2)



10 responses to “Happy October? Summer in Fall?

  1. Hobbes has the sweetest face. So much personality. Happy for the health report, I can imagine the relief. Our weather had cooled wayyyyy down, makes for an absolutely beautiful drive out here with the fall colors in full swing.

    • He does look sweet! I love him so much. AND I am so jealous of your cool weather. 90 here again today. And yes, big relief on the health report. 🙂

  2. So, so glad the cancer scare came out good. 🙂 And it’s good to see Hobbes and #1 son. (and Primm…wasn’t that the name of Katniss’s little sister in Hunger Games?). I did not know that about the water needing to cool down to, umm, cool the hurricane season. So yep, officially trying to send you some cool. Hang in there!

    • No idea about Hunger Games. Did not read it (yeah, I know- *gasp*)- And today, I am glad to say, it was 54 when I got up. Low 70s today- BUT for only three days. Then it’s back to 80s. UGH. Thanks re: Cancer. I am going to have surgery again in Nov as I’ve had some issues and I am way over this crap. Going for the full yank out! LOL

  3. Glad all turned out well and am sending good positive thoughts your way. Won’t comment on weather as we still have damp, heavy days or rain! Good luck.

  4. Glad your surgery is over, Jillian. I’m not surprised you found it hard to concentrate on anything else until it was done. Oh, Hobbes is such a handsome boy, and Primm is gorgeous. They both seem chilled out babes.

  5. So pleased to hear you are okay. Worrying time for you, as I know only too well. Lovely photo of Hobbes and Primm is too. Mild days and chilly nights here but the autumn colours, though early, have been wonderful. Take care and sending positive thougths and vibes for a good month for you.

    • Thanks Kit. I love the fall colors. We don’t get much of that here but it’s always nice to see when I travel. Our kitty and pup are precious and I thank you for agreeing. 🙂 Appreciate the positive vibes! Jillian

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