Pot Pourri

So…I’m at a complete loss as to what to talk about this month. Lol. Does that ever happen to you? I’m a total blank. Lol. So I’m going to keep this short and sweet with a Dude pic and a funny to hopefully give you a smile for the day…

Dude is currently not a happy camper. He loves being outside, and loves hot weather. Our weather in the Pacific Northwest has turned toward Fall almost overnight. So now he sits in the window and ponders all his summer memories, then sighs and comes for a cuddle to warm up. Poor kitty. I think it’s going to be a long Fall and Winter for him. 🙂Dude

As for the funny, I’m not sure if the television show Big Bang Theory is world-wide or just a US show, but it’s a favorite of hubby’s and mine. So I thought I’d share some funny outtakes with you. Have a wonderful October! I hope you enjoy the warmth of your furnace or fireplace, the oranges and reds of Autumn wafting down on a breeze, and the company of a good cup of cocoa, tea, or whatever warms you from within. And I pray that your weather is temperate, not harsh.

Happy Fall!!!


6 responses to “Pot Pourri

  1. I love that show thanks for sharing!! My laugh for the morning!

  2. Oh My Gosh those clips are great. I love the show and the other day I saw Jim Parsons and the kid playing young Sheldon on a show. I think the new Young Sheldon might be another hit.

    The weather has turned and wouldn’t you know my furnace went out Tuesday. Just got it back today. It gets cold at night but it could be worse, it could have waited a few weeks when it’s even colder.

    • Your furnace went out? I missed that until now. Wow. I’m glad you’re back to toasty roasty because it’s getting CCCCOOOOLLLD here. (Don’t tell Jillian that. I’m trying to send her some cooler weather, but not sure it’s working.) 🙂

  3. I’m coming out to hang with Dude. It is entirely too hot here!!! 98 with heat index. Jillian

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