September…Arachnophobics Beware!

Ah, September … leading us gently into the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness. But, of course, it’s also spider month, that time of year when the males begin to search for a mate and the little critters head indoors to find a place to spend the winter.


Essential household equipment

I’m no fan of spiders and would never hurt them, but I don’t especially want to share the house with them either. Usually, the old upturned glass and cardboard removal does the trick, but so far this month these invaders have been pretty large and so I’ve been on the hunt for deterrents.

To date, I’ve tried herbs – lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint – and scattering horse chestnuts around the room, but they don’t seem to work too well, especially the chestnuts because I found a spider virtually sitting on top of one!  And they were also too attrac tiveto a certain Ms. Vivvy who thought they looked like a fun new thing to play with. But then she also finds the spiders themselves pretty interesting and pounces on them as if they are new playmates.


Bad mummy.

She’s very disgruntled when we bring out the glass and cardboard and they’re removed from her vicinity.

Things I still plan to try out are citronella spray and lemon surface cleaners and polish, both of which have been recommended.

One of the things that really surprised me while researching the internet for natural deterrents was how many sites have photos of huge, and I mean huge, spiders on their web pages. Surely many people looking for deterrents are going to be mildly arachnophobic. The last thing they’d want is a massive spider looking out at them. Much the same as when I purchased a commercial spray to try. I bought a couple for my mum as well and had to cover the depiction of a spider on the bottle with a stick-on smiley face before I gave them to her.

Speaking of arachnophobia, be warned that the following video is probably not for you. Someone let loose a tarantula on a London tube train. They were lucky someone didn’t have a heart attack!


7 responses to “September…Arachnophobics Beware!

  1. I agree with natural remedies not working but still pick up horse chestnuts, known as conkers in our house! We have 2 huge spiders nicknamed Boris and a smaller one we named Son of Boris. They live in the chimney breast. Seem like same ones each year but probably not. Others I leave unless thry move towards me then I call Peter. Never can tolerate one in the bedroom in case it drops on me when I’m asleep! Thanks for an amusing but scary blog, yes I looked at tube video!!

  2. Yikes, hate the things, big, small and medium, all are creepy. Do you have poisonous ones?

    • I don’t think so, Lavada, and very much hope not. Now and again there are scares about poisonous ones having escaped from zoos or something like that, but generally I think UK ones are harmless.

  3. I’m not scared of spiders, simply hate and detest them with a loathing. And having tried all and everything to deter them from daring to enter my home, I’ve only found one thing that works. I use a spray called Raid Cockroach Killer and spray around the outside of the house at ground level, around doors and windows and it seems to work. The past few years we haven’t had any of the big monsters indoors. (Famous last words! 🙂 ) It also kills them almost immediately (depending on size) but I don’t like doing that. Funnily enough, I was only reading in the newspaper this morning about a man in England who was bitten by a tiny spider inside his dressing gown, whose bit nearly killed him. Turns too he had a bad allergic reaction. Scary!

  4. I kind of like spiders. LOL! I know, I’m weird but they are really actually kind of beautiful in a way. I have a spider broach and many of my friends hate it when I wear it. LOL Jillian

  5. I’m hoping you won’t mind that I passed on the video. (shiversssssss) But, like you, we’re just starting the annual spider invasion here. Unlike you, my response to them is “Honey, there’s another spider in the house for you to show the door to…” 🙂

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