“Sublime or Ridiculous?”

September has been a busy, interesting month with another week in Bristol, a day at the seaside, visits to a garden exhibition and a beautifully restored National Trust House plus seeing two movies.  On top: lunches with friends, book club, yoga and singing, also your support, all helpful positive things to relieve some of the fatigue which is improving slowly. I keep telling you all how lucky I feel, not complacently I hope.

Sublime may seem a strange heading for a blog but it has different meanings, my use refers to art, architecture and inspiring achievements. Ridiculous is obvious although as you will see it held a few surprises! My first example was an exhibition of sculpture in a local National Trust garden.  I shared an exhibition set here with you last year of stained glass flower sculptures but this time was very different.  Several of the metal pieces were awesome and delicate, others were ridiculous. The setting enhanced the work too. I could not find what technique the artist used to create the sculptures  and ran out of time sorry. I hope you enjoy the images I’ve included.

My week in Bristol was based in a different part of the city, more multicultural and I met some fascinating characters on my journeys into the centre by bus.  As I mentioned last time I love Bristol,  the highlight was visiting St. Nicholas Market with my grandchildren and all eating different street food from various countries then sharing them. Memories of the day remain and I cherish them.

I visited Clevedon with a friend to photograph the pier which was a feat of Victorian Engineering. Boats still pick up from the pier to take visitors along the North Somerset Coast, a trip I am determined to make. The houses epitomise the wealth of past eras, some from trade in Bristol and people becoming upwardly mobile. Sunshine made the day more enjoyable with the reflections from the water and feel good factor.  I hope the photos help you to capture the beauty of Clevedon Pier.

We moved on to Tyntesfield, a Victorian country house and estate lived in and expanded by four generations.  I originally visited 10 years ago and the changes were amazing.  The interior of the house reflected the Victorian interests in art, technology and innovation.  Many original pieces of furniture remain all beautifully restored by National Trust experts and volunteers. Unfortunately, we ran out of time to visit the gardens but did pop into the Church which was a history lesson itself. Two photos give a glimpse if you are ever in this part of the world. Tyntesfield would be on my sublime list.

Finally, the ridiculous. By chance on our wanderings with my son and family we came upon an exhibition in the Centrespace Gallery which houses temporary exhibitions. Umbrella Covers were the subject of this fascinating exhibit. Nancy 3 Hoffman Director and Curator of the Umbrella Cover Museum hosted our visit.  Nancy 3 is the current Guiness World Record Holder for Umbrella Covers.  Her home and museum are on Peaks Island, off the coast of Maine. A true eccentric and enthusiast, not as ridiculous as we initially thought. Nancy 3 played her accordion and we joined her in singing the Umbrella Song.  My grandsons were fascinated. We all had great fun, do check out Nancy 3’s website.

The Movies were Dunkirk and Victoria and Abdul, very different but both thought provoking. Quite a month!





10 responses to ““Sublime or Ridiculous?”

  1. Ahh Jane, love your travel blogs. You give such an amazing visual that I can almost (almost is the key work as I want to visit) feel being there. And, happy memories with the grandkids. It doesn’t get better.

  2. It would be great if you could visit UK and maybe we could finally meet. Thank you for your encouragement. October may be a bit quieter but who knows! We’ve 3 grandkids birthdays!

  3. Lovely, interesting blog. It was like being there with you. Sounds like you’ve had a really busy, but enjoyable time. Have never been to Tyntesfield, so need to remedy that. Lovely Clevedon Pier, that’s the one where they have all the messages on the benches, right? x

  4. I’ve just emailed you! Telepathy?! Yes Clevedon Pier is the one with names on. Very poignant. We could arrange trip to Tyntesfield for one of our lunch dates. It opens every day except Christmas Day. Thanks for positive comments. X

  5. Great blog, Jane, and gosh, you have certainly been busy enjoying yourself with your family. I love the sculpture in the first photo. Have been to Clevedon Pier but done none of the others. Tyntesfield is one on my must visit list.

  6. Thank you very much Kit. Tyntesfield is well worth a visit but allow loads of time as there’s lots to see. It only closes on Christmas Day.

  7. sounds like a great place. Love all the pictures, too. I think it needs to be added to my bucket list! Jillian

  8. What a fun September you had! I hope October is following the same path for you! I love the round sculpture in the pond. Thought-provoking and beautiful!

  9. Thanks Laurie I will be updating on October soon, not quite what we planned but that’s life. Make most of good times as you well know. X

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