Good Bye to Summer 2017 in the Pacific Northwest

I’m writing and scheduling this blog early so by the time it goes live the weather might be back to normal temperatures. Or at least I’m hoping they will, this year as been something else. Our normal weather for this time of year is mid to low 70’s. Today it’s predicted to be 91 degree’s.

I grew up in the Olympia Washington area and I can’t remember such a long hot summer. That figures because this year we have broke records for both hot and cold weather. There are some people that say we are not in global warming, and some that deny us humans have anything to do with the extreme weather.

The weather isn’t just in my back yard, and when I’m whining all I need to do is watch the news to see that we are fortunate in our part of the world. Hurricanes, Harvey in Texas and Irma devastating the coast into Florida. Still we are having wild fires threatening homes, forest land, and lives that are in part to the hot dry summer weather.

The flowers started out loving it. The yard was beautiful, now even with a lot of watering they are starting to fade. But then again I have to remind myself that just because it’s in the high 80’s, fall is just around the corner and it’s time for them to start dying down. And, the fall varieties like dahlia’s are beautiful.

The house didn’t have A/C when I moved in and we had a 90 degree spring. That did it and I had an A/C installed. I can’t begin to tell you how thankful I am for that decision. So with another road trip right around the corner, thus the early posting of this blog, we just heard the interstate we use is closed due to wild fires. With a week to go we’re hoping some rain will stamp out the fires. Having a road closed is nothing compared to what people who are being evacuated are going through.

The kids went to the fair last week. When the weather forecast came in I opted out, in fact there were four of the family that decided against braving the crowds in the heat. Like I said, I grew up in the area and have missed very few years of going to the Western Washington State Fair. When the family that went, they sent these pictures. I could hardly believe it. I have never seen the fair so empty, at least not at this time of day which was just before noon on a Sunday.

The first day of autumn has just passed. Hopefully we will all have a benign fall and winter. I’m ready for some friendly weather.






8 responses to “Good Bye to Summer 2017 in the Pacific Northwest

  1. I wrote a response, then closed the page without ever posting it. Lol. I guess I need more coffee this morning. I have to agree with you that the Good Earth is telling us something, with all these earthquakes and hurricanes. It’s getting scary.
    And we went to the fair for the first time in a few years this year. It was fun, especially the draft horses, my favorite part. 🙂
    Hitting Post Comment now. Geesh.

    • I’ve done the same thing and usually when I’ve posted a long reply. I love the draft horses too. We knew people in Ellensburg that had them after they retired. They are so beautiful and gentle. Truly gentle giants.

  2. We have had a wet, overcast summer with little sunshine but I too would struggle with heat like that. We experienced one wild fire whilst we were living Spain. It was frightening, spread so rapidly devouring everything in its path. Friends in Miami have survived Irma thank goodness but so many people are sufferingI hope autumn is a little cooler for you. Keep safe and enjoy your road trip.

    • We are having a beautiful fall. I got the hanging baskets down and summer annuals out before leaving on the trip. Right now the fall perennials are blooming. Most of the wild fires are out and all under control. My heart goes out to those in Mexico and in the path of the hurricanes.

  3. The weather certainly has been doing its best to make itself heard around the world this summer. Very scary for many people. I’d welcome a last flash of summer here in the UK, but it’s currently damp and dismal. Hope you get some respite from the heat soon.

  4. We’ve not had a good summer here but thankfully haven’t had the awful conditions many around the world have suffered so for that we are thankful. But I have missed those hot days I love. Hopefully next year will be better all round for everyone. Enjoy your trip and look forward to hearing all about it. Keep safe. 🙂

  5. We used to go to the fair every year but sadly, here, it has turned into kind of a nightmare. All the rabble rousers seem to come and it’s almost dangerous. I miss the fun and seeing the exhibits but I never go anymore. Enjoy your fall. We are having endless summer here. Jillian

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