Escape Room?

Have you every been to an escape room?

I had my first experience with one this last weekend. It was super fun. It was a family affair as my nephew was in town from Utah visiting. We ended up splitting into two teams of 6 adults and the three kids went with whomever they wanted.

We had two different room. I was, what I believe was the better room. Our room was based on King Arthur and Excalibur. We had to free Excalibur within 60 minutes. There was 3 puzzles at each of the 4 stations.

It was so much fun, I took one station with my nieces boyfriend, we solved the first puzzle, but the second one we couldn’t figure out how to unlock the little chest that had a piece that was needed. My two nephews came over to help with it, so I picked up the third puzzle and started working on it, after some fits and starts I figured it out.

Then I started helping my niece and her husband on their puzzle, what was funny was we kept making it harder than it needed to be. Once we figured it out, it was easy.

The one puzzle I couldn’t figure out, well came to find out that the wrong lock was on the chest, that’s why we couldn’t figure it out.  Our game guide was great, he got it open and added time back onto our timer.

We finished the last puzzle with ten minutes to spare and freed Excalibur. It was great fun. The place was in Seattle so when we came out I got a great picture of the Space Needle at night.


Of course this entry wouldn’t be complete without a Penny picture. This one I snapped when I was cooking hamburgers one night. I always keep a little bit of ground beef aside and cook it up just for Penny. As you can see her little nose is up in the air sniffing the cooking beef.


If I could post the way she dances around when I have her food I would. She’s so funny.



7 responses to “Escape Room?

  1. Oh, man, I am SOOOO jealous. I want to do one of these escape rooms. Me, the claustrophobic! Lol. But it look SOOOOO fun. I’m glad you had a good time. And a big hug and hellooooooo to Miss Penny! Love seeing pictures of her every month.

  2. I’ve never even heard of an escape room. Sounds like really great fun, especially when you get to go with special people. Miss Penny certainly knows the routine. Love her picture.

  3. Sounds fun. I love the pictures

  4. Love solving puzzles, so this would suit me fine! Lovely photos.

  5. Oh my, an escape room sounds so much fun. Have never heard of them but would love to take part in one. And what a wonderful photo of the Space Needle. And of course of Miss Penny. She’s one lucky lady. 🙂

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