Did You See The Eclipse?

August 21st was a fun day around here. Even though we weren’t in the path of totality for the solar eclipse, we had about 92% coverage. It was exciting!

First, though, about a month before the eclipse, I checked with one daughter (and her daughter) who would have a good view of the eclipse. Got glasses? I asked. Not yet. So, good Gramma that I am, I researched the right glasses, hit Amazon, and ordered them sent to her. Nice and cheap.

A week later, I asked another daughter (with three daughters) if they’d be looking at the eclipse. Yep, she said. Got glasses? I asked. Not yet. So back to Amazon I went, ordering glasses sent to them. Only this time, they were almost twice as expensive. Still reasonable.

With 10 days left to the eclipse, I checked in with yet another daughter (who has one daughter) and she did not have glasses either. Off to Amazon I went. Uh oh. Those glasses I ordered earlier? They were over $100 for one pair! Wow. Supply and demand, huh? I ended up finding a pair and she got them just in time.

So, with my grandkids safely glassed-up, my husband and I spent that morning out on deck taking occasional looks at the eclipse.Solar Eclipse Helmets

No glasses for us. He had rigged two welding helmets for us to use and they were the best! We enjoyed the entire event, but even with the good lenses, didn’t look too long or too often. Still, it was amazing to see, even if it wasn’t totality here. I spent part of the time on the computer watching live streaming various places. There was so much excitement and such fun enjoyment in this event.

It was nice to have something uplifting to be part of. Did you get to see all or any of the eclipse? I sure hope so. It was pretty amazing to watch. And if you didn’t, maybe the next one will be right over your neighborhood, eh? You can check out when the next eclipse will be happening here.

Have a great month everyone. I hope your summer winds down with easy grace and an absence of some of the horrible weather that places like Texas and Louisiana have had to endure. My heart goes out to all the people touched by Hurricane Harvey.


7 responses to “Did You See The Eclipse?

  1. The info on the website you sent is interesting. I didn’t watch the sun but I went out to get the feel of it and feel the surreal drop in temperature and it getting dark enough for the street lights to go on. It was exciting and positive to watch the TV accounts. People sort of came together even with the large crowds and traffic at almost a stop.

    • It did cool for a while. My daughter said her in-laws hiked up to a lookout in Oregon during totality. They said a few minutes before totality, this line of worker ants all stopped working and went back into the nest. Guess they must have thought it was bedtime. 🙂

  2. Love the two welding helmets. What a great idea. I was so envious of your eclipse. Our next total solar eclipse in the UK is not until September 2090! Think I can safely rule that one out 🙂

  3. This sounds such fun. Loved your welding helmets solution. Never seen one first hand and am sure tv images don’t come close so thank you for sharingnyour experience.

  4. Great post. What fun. Sadly no total solar eclipse for us but loved your welding helmets. The last one we had here was a disappointment, didn’t go as dark as I expected and don’t think will be here for the next one due some years away.

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