Moving On


The Big Birthday has passed amidst great celebrations that lasted over a month! Guess what – I feel so lucky still and mysteriously the same person inside as I did at 69! Maybe a bit wiser!!

Food played a huge part as I dined in “different countries” from Spain, France, Mexico, America as well as Britain. Cuisine I mean of course. I’ve eaten fish, tapas, burritos, vegetarian, pizza, pasta and delicious deserts. I have tasted some wonderful wines, cocktails and gins. Now back to reality, lose extra weight and think about the next decade.

Moving on is necessary for many reasons. One year on from my breast cancer I  had my first check up and all seems well thank goodness.  I have had time to reflect on the events of last year helped by a week house sitting in Bristol, which remains one of my favourite cities. Peter stayed at home so I had lots of time to think and work out what next.  I made a list of priorities which I hope to tick off as I put them into practice. Number one is to use what time I have left (who knows what time any of has?) to live my life to the full but in ways that may not seem to be achieving all the time. Small things like walking, seeing friends, yoga, my choir and my family are valuable experiences in my tapestry that I weave and expand daily.  Some of you might wonder why I talk about these as achievements but it is easy to take things for granted so I plan to improve therefore achieve. I realise I was in danger of being in a rut. Fatigue is a lasting side effect of radiotherapy and it has become easier at times to say to myself I feel so tired I can’t be bothered but when I try I always feel better – small steps maybe but good.  Not great achievements but an important lesson. Learn to value what one has particularly oneself.

So in Bristol I did some things I have wanted to do for a while. I took a trip around the Docks in the sunshine and viewed the city from a different angle. The Matthew replica of John Cabot’s ship that sailed the Atlantic in the 15th century and “discovered” Newfoundland, now part of Canada, was especially interesting from water level.  The Docks, many converted to museums, galleries, cafes and apartments echo with the bustling commercial wealth the city.  Now technology rules but a sense of community was essential for daily life and is part of the area just different. The SS Great Britain, one of Brunel’s great developments, is now a museum but it was huge when viewed from water level.  An interesting commentary was provided by a young man in charge of the boat which brought past events and people to life.  One thing that was pleasing about the trip was the number of different nationalities just in a short hour who shared the experience with me.  Despite some of the awful events over past weeks we all enjoyed being together sharing a good time.  I revisited Bristol Gallery to see a few of my favourite paintings, also the Red Lodge parts of which are Tudor with a replica knot garden. I walked back through the city streets, multicultural, busy, varied and interesting.  A fascinating cityscape.

One guilty secret of my time: I “binge read” a series of crime books by Peter May known as the Enzo Files, 6 books! Home now I look forward to the challenges ahead.


10 responses to “Moving On

  1. I think we all need to apply what you’re doing in life. I seem to have a spurt of a few (like sometimes a week) of very busy days followed by a few lazy down days. Your trip sound fascinating. So much history in your part of the world. By comparison the US is still young. Thanks for sharing Jane.

    • I agree we all struggle with motivation but supportive friends help and all your encouragement. US might be younger but is awesome and vibrant too. I have only visited the East Coast but I always hoped to do a road trip! One day maybe.

  2. Congratulations on passing that one year mark, Jane. I’m sure that visit felt like a huge weight off your shoulders. And I applaud you for reflecting and prioritizing how you want to live your life. I do that a lot, and it constantly changes. But it helps keep me on the path I choose to walk.
    By the way, binge reading isn’t a guilty secret. At least, I don’t think so, or I’d have a LOT of guilty secrets. Lol.

    • Thanks Laurie. I agree that reading is great just 6 crime novels back to back seemed OTT! Should have read my book club choice of The Blue Room by Georges Simenon, it is a sort of crime novel but short thank goodness! Thank you for your continuing support.

  3. Lovely blog post, Janey! Enjoyed reading about your Bristol week and am so pleased everything is positive after your one year check up. You’ve done amazingly well, and as always are an inspiration! And I class binge reading as one of life’s essentials, to be indulged whenever the mood takes 🙂

  4. Thank you my lovely friend, I’m not sure about inspiration! I value our friendship more with each passing year. Please will you remind me about the Nora Roberts’ blank page quote – really sturggled with my blog never mind a book!! X

  5. Sounds like you had a great birthday. Love that you are getting back out there and taking the steps to move forward in fun ways. Love Peter May books- I will have to try that series. I haven’t read it. Bristol sounds lovely. I’m glad you made the most of it. Jillian

  6. Thanks Jillian I have been so lucky. I have now started the Fire Maker by Peter May, first book in the China Thrillers. I especially liked his Lewis Trilogy partly because I ‘d love to visit Lewis and the Scottish Highlands. One day maybe.

  7. Late to the conversation but just wanted to say congrats on passing that one year mark, I know how difficult things have been. And an even bigger congratulations on your birthday. Sounds like you had a lovely and living life to the full. Dave and I hit the tourist spots in Bristol a few years ago – he’d never visited any despite being a Gloucesteshire boy born and bred and I just love visiting places. Great day out and glad you enjoyed it too. PS: your guilty secret is safe with me 🙂

  8. Thank you Kit. I am back in Bristol house and cat sitting for my other son in Redfield. Having another week of sights and treats but have also been to movies. Home Wednesday. Hope life easier for you and Dave. I love Bristol 💖

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