Road Trip 2017 – Yellow Stone & Salt Lake City

IMG_0793Last month I posted about the first part of our road trip. Way to much in the trip to put into one post. Especially with pictures.

After leaving the B&B in Kellogg Idaho we drove to Bozeman, the closest place to the North entrance to Yellowstone that we could get reservations. It was an adventure, especially where we stopped for a bite to eat. I can’t say lunch because we just sort of stopped whenever we felt like it. Anyway this was a beat up tavern. They advertised the Testicle Festival and from what the waitress/bartender said it is a popular well attended event. To say this place was beat up is an understatement. You had to sit tight on the bar stools so you didn’t slide off. The ripped, stuffing coming out seats secured us a little. The bathroom had two stalls, one with a curtain that would have touched your knee’s when you sat down. Are you getting a visual yet? (it was clean) Sorry we didn’t take a picture though now I wish we would have. Thinking back I can hardly believe we stayed there myself. Oh but the hamburger was one of the best we have had.

We stayed at a nice place in Bozeman, it had a sports bar next to it that served a great salad and I tried a new beer. I can’t remember the name of it but it IMG_0796was good. The next morning we headed into the park via Gardiner and spent most of the day driving, stopping, driving, stopping. The weather was perfect. It had been years since I’d visited the park and it was Linda’s first trip. We were fortunate to get to Old Faithful in time to grab a quick lunch and see it go off. Does it sound like we ate a lot. Wellll, yes.

We exited the park at the South entrance and drove right into a storm. It was really coming down. In fact so hard it washed our IMG_0797windshield. Hard driving, hey the bonus was nice. The storm played over the Titan mountain range and I wish I could have gotten a picture to do it justice. Not only was it beautiful but the air smelled of fresh rain, something you can’t capture with a camera.

We tried to get reservation in Jackson Wy, but couldn’t so got them in a little town of Thayne. As we traveled, the storm still with us, we got a little worried. It seemed we were in the back of beyond. The skies finally cleared, but our worries increased as we passed some really old old motels. Like Physco movie types. And, we didn’t see any modern ones. We were thinking maybe sleeping in the car was an option. Then we were entering Thayne where the sign said, “Population 366”. Oh My Gosh, my gosh, my gosh. The car announced, “Distination is completed,” and what a surprise. This is where we stayed. I’m so glad I got pictures. One of the nicest places ever.









The next day we reluctantly left this little oasis and headed down to Salt Lake. Up until now we had perfect weather, but we were hearing about the heat wave that was even grounding planes. We traveled mostly backroads over absolutely stunning country. As we got into Salt Lake the traffic of course picked up, but we had no trouble finding our hotel. It is an older hotel but beautifully kept up and had a special ambience. It is located right across the street from Temple Square. We could walk out the back door, down a short drive and cross over into the Square. We spent a day and half exploring and yep eating. In the Lion House they have a sort of cafeteria with home baked rolls that send scents out to the street that you can’t pass up. Below are pictures from the hotel windows, what a view.












A great trip and a great memory maker with a best friend. Leaving Salt Lake City we cut over the salt flats, then across the desert to Reno where I ended up about $30 ahead. Not bad for me. Linda’s sister lives in Bend, yep right in the Eclipse Zone. We came home satisfied and looking forward to our next adventure.











11 responses to “Road Trip 2017 – Yellow Stone & Salt Lake City

  1. What an awesome trip. And that pic of the storm over the mountains is gorgeous! I love storm pictures. That’s one I would frame. 🙂 Enjoy the eclipse!

  2. I went to Yellowstone and SLC for the first time in May and LOVED it. Your little cabin looks so fun and cozy!

  3. wow. sounds lovely. Even the storm sounds like it was picturesque. That cabin is adorable. Rolls you can smell from the street? count me in. Love that you had such a great trip. Jillain

  4. I feel like I was there with you! What a store of memories you built up, and scents!! I’d love to do a similar trip but not sure I will, good to “experience” it through your eyes. Thank you.

  5. Oh, your trip sounds absolutely fab! What a variety of experiences, and I just love that little cabin where you spent the night in Thayne. Well done on coming out on top after your visit to Reno, too. Looking forward to hearing about your next trip!

    • Thanks Tricia, we were surprised and happy to see the cabin. The courtesy breakfast they served the next morning was exceptional too. It is well off the beaten path but I would recommend it for an overnight if anyone is in the area.

  6. Wow! What a fantastic trip. Would love to visit Yellowstone…one day, perhaps. Love the storm photo and can well imagine how good the air smelled after all that rain. The cabin in Thayne looks fabulous. What a find! Roll on your next trip. 🙂

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