Summer is Almost Over

I can’t believe it’s the middle of August already, but in a way this year is moving faster than any other year. For me, I believe its because I’ve been so busy. After my trip in May/June, I’ve been super busy with my writing.  So much to do.

I promised more pictures from my trip. Today I’m posting pictures of Alnwick Castle. For those Harry Potter fans some of the scenes from the films were filmed here.

And just so you know it is pronounced – An-nick – took me a long time to get that. They don’t pronounce the L or the W.

Here’s a picture of the castle as we walked up to it:


Then right at entrance – and yes they searched our bags before we could enter


And the last one I will share if the courtyard. This is where they filled the first time broom flying in the first Harry Potter movie. The tent you see set up is for later in the day so you can learn how to fly a broom (unfortunately we missed seeing it.)


I hope you enjoyed seeing these photos.

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Until next month.



6 responses to “Summer is Almost Over

  1. What a great trip. Thanks for sharing Marie.

  2. Funny. I just (finally) watched the first Harry Potter movie last week. (Don’t tell Chassily I said that.) And I looked at the pics before I read your blog and I totally recognized the courtyard! What an awesome vacation!

  3. gorgeous! I love castles. AND Harry Potter – Jillian

  4. I love seeing these photos of some familiar places I’ve visited, so pleased you had a great time.

  5. Lovely photos. Alnwick is on my list of planned trips!

  6. Sounds like you had a great trip. Alnwick is on my want to visit list too!

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