An Emotionally Uplifting Summer

It’s been a fun month, even if it has been busy. I’ve been working hard on a new fantasy story and it seems like there’s been family event after family event. We have two spare beds in our house and I’ve been washing sheets like there’s no tomorrow! But it’s all been fun.

We held a family reunion at my brother’s house to celebrate what would have been Mom’s 93rd birthday. It was a lot of fun and visiting and catching up.

Hubby and I showing my aunt how the “photo booth” worked. 🙂

And we released balloons in Mom’s favorite color (purple) in her honor. We’ve always said that when Mom passed, she was finally with the love of her life, our beloved step-father, who passed away in the early 90’s. Well, two of the balloons released knocked up against each other and their strings entwined. They stayed that way all the way up until they were out of sight. It made us smile as we thought of them as Mom and John holding hands. 🙂 Have you ever had a moment like that? Where something random happens and it fills you with such a feeling of love? It’s an amazing blessing to be able to have that happen.

Also on the fun front, we went to see Neil Diamond in concert. Again. Must be about my fifth time. Two years ago, my daughter took me for a “banner” birthday. I blogged about that here. This time, we got my husband to come, along with another daughter and her husband.

You know…that man is 76 years old now and still doing concerts. Every other day during his tour. At 76! Wow. I hope I’m that active when I’m his age! I have to admit, he was moving a little slower. But that voice of his is as amazing as ever, along with his ability to fill a crowd with joy. He made us all feel special. He is a very special man with an amazing talent and I’m so glad I’ve gotten to see him so many times.

Now we’re in a heat wave here in the Pacific Northwest. A week or so of highs in the 90’s (32’s in Celsius numbers).  That’s really warm for us in the summer. We rarely get 100 degree days, or even approach them. So this is going to be a hot, hot week. We are lucky enough to have air conditioning. It doesn’t make it easier to sleep at night, but the days are much more comfortable, and we’re very grateful for that.

I hope you are all having a fun, fun summer. And staying cool in the heat, or embracing the sunshine. Whatever you love to do, this is the time to do it.

Summer rocks!

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15 responses to “An Emotionally Uplifting Summer

  1. Such a sweet story about your Mom and step-Dad. Sounds like you are having a fun summer. I’m ready for a little of our Northwest rain!! But– we’d better enjoy the sunshine while it’s here but let’s go for the low 80s.

    • Thanks, Nancy. We were all in awe watching those balloons! And as of today, it’s a record dry streak here. I, too, am ready for some rain. They say there’s a slight chance on Sunday.

  2. I’m a 70’s person. This is hot for me but like you I have A/C. I didn’t have it when I moved in here and the house is designed with good air flow so it was looking like I didn’t need it and then…. I usually open the windows at night and turn on the ceiling fan. It’s cool enough that the A/C doesn’t come on.

    Love the story of the balloons and I think we all get a glimpse of the unexplainable from time to time. It’s hard not to give them meaning when they happen at the right time. There’s so much we don’t understand, I can see why eons ago people thought the earth was flat especially watching the sun go down at the beach.

    Days like this thinking of this great summer your post invoked I just want to shout “It’s a great life.”

  3. Great story on the balloons and I’m so happy you were able to do that with the family. Ugh, on this hot weather. I do have an AC unit in my family room so I can keep it cool. Fan in the bedroom at night. Thank goodness for both otherwise I’d never survive this weather. No one told me before I moved to the Pacific Northwest we’d get weather like this.

    • Umm, we didn’t used to get weather like this. Not that I’m trying to start a discussion on global warming. Don’t get me started on that. Lol. Hope you’re continuing to manage to stay cool!

  4. That’s such a lovely thing to have happened with the balloons, Laurie. Made me go all goose-pimply. And you got to see Neil again! Yay! So love that man. Really great photos!

  5. Yep, Neil Diamond is pretty amazing. You know how we say we’d like to have a child’s energy, just for one day? I’ll take his. It’s still more than I have! Lol.

  6. Wow! Great times for sure. I love, love the story about your mom’s balloons. How wonderful and sweet. Your aunt looks adorable in that pic. A lovely smile. Glad you got to see Neil again. I know you love him. Lord, those temps are like being here with me. Come on down and melt some more. Jillian

  7. What a lovely story and family, thank you for sharing with us. I must admit I’d like some of the heat but not the humidity! Yup it’s raining here – again!!

  8. Lovely story re the balloons, and such a lovely thing to do in your Mum’s memory. Wish we had just a little of the heat you’ve had, it’s not been a good summer here. And so pleased you enjoyed the concert. He’s a great singer. 🙂

    • The balloons were a very cool idea my brother came up with. Perfect for the day. I wish the world’s weather would settle down. Give you some warmth, us a little rain to douse the fires, and a whole lot less rain and wind elsewhere. Things are crazy this year!

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