Everything in Threes

Why does everything seem to come in threes? Is it magic number? We have the Three Stooges; plants should be grouped in threes; the Holy Trinity; the three wise men, traffic lights – red, amber, green; clothes, especially for babies: one on, one off and one in the wash; pre-packed meat in supermarkets, chops always seem to be in threes, not one or two or even four; three primary colours: red, blue and yellow; the three little pigs; three blind mice; no buses for an hour then three come along at once; three teaspoonsful equal one tablespoon… I could go on but it does seem odd (excuse the pun) that life and nature frequently have this triplet number. I’ve often wondered why or if there is any significance. Are these things simply a pattern? A lucky number, perhaps? No, I don’t think so for trouble always seems to come in threes too? At least it does in my house. I’ll elaborate…

Dave’s been retired now a month. It’s been brilliant. We’ve had a lot of fun, more laughs than I can remember us having and he and I have enjoyed every moment of this new phase in our long marriage. Except this month has also brought unwelcome and unexpected expense. Picture the scene: a beautiful Sunday, guests joining us for lunch, a roast merrily cooking its way, then bang! All the power in the house goes down. Trip switch flicked on again and again. Bang! Yes, you’ve guessed it, the cooker decided to burn out one of the heating elements in the oven. Oven turned off, meal resumed in the jet stream and microwave. Engineer summoned Monday morning. New element ordered, fitted on Wednesday.

Thursday, pouring with rain. Never mind, have washing to do. Thank goodness for tumble drier as we don’t have room for a washing line in the garden. Load machine with sheets. Drum turns a few times as it fills with cold water. Then bang! Trip switch shuts power off. Dave blames pump in koi pond and goes off to sort. I turn washing machine back on. Off power goes again. Kicks machine. Okay, it’s nearly 14 years old, never broken down so I can’t complain. Suspect pump has given up. Removes wet, soaking bedding from drum. Scratches head. What to do with dripping washing. Engineer summoned again in hope he can fix it. Yes he can. Heater element blown. New one ordered and fitted following Monday morning.

Now have larger washing mountain to climb. First load in: several large towels. Washing machine works a treat and an hour later they are dying in tumble drier. Well… I thought they were. All lights flashing on machine, washing still damp after two hours. Drier defunct. Research problem on internet: Common fault. Terminal. Still pouring with rain so can’t even rig up temporary line. New tumbler on order for next day delivery.

So, that is our three bad things done. Hopefully. Please no more. Dave reckons the dishwasher will be next as it’s over 10 years old. I’ve told him if it does break down, he will be doing all the washing up for wishing it upon us.

It’s still raining, and blowing a gale, but at least the garden is thriving, even if we can’t get out there and enjoy it today.

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11 responses to “Everything in Threes

  1. Your garden is glorious, Kit and seems to be enjoying this wet August. And as for threes … don’t get me started because if two things happen on the trot I know it won’t be long before #3 turns up. So glad to hear you are having a great time, though, a new phase in your life!

  2. Love your garden. Mine is doing better this year but not sure what this heat wave will do to it. Supposed to get to a 100 today. That’s hot. I know what you mean about 3’s. And, when #2 roles around it’s like waiting for the next shoe to drop.

    I’m so happy for you. Some people don’t adjust to retirement well. Jack and I were made for it. I worried about Jack at first but he got the hang of it real quick.

    Hang in there with all the bits and pieces you should be good to go. For awhile anyway. 🙂

    • We’ve certainly enjoyed the garden during July as had fabulous weather and Dave has finally enjoyed sitting reading the paper and relaxing in it. Shame weather here is not so good at moment. He’s keeping busy but think he might get bored during the winter so a part-time job is on the cards soon, methinks. 🙂

  3. Nancy A Moffett

    I have garden envy!

  4. I have garden envy, too! Ummm, not triplets envy, though. Geesh, that’s a LOT to have happen in a very short period of time. I’m with you that if the dishwasher goes out, Dave will be the new dishwasher for having mentioned it. 🙂 I am glad you’re both enjoying retirement. And I hope your rain has said goodbye for a bit. We’re in a dry, hazy, heat wave here.

    • Please send some of your hazy heat wave over here, Laurie. At moment we’re cold and windblown! We’re still waiting on the big garden revamp – hopefully this autumn/winter now Dave has retired and has the time. 🙂

  5. I agree completely with you but please send a little rain our way. WE feel like we are living in Arizona instead of Oregon this past week.

  6. Glad to hear you’re enjoying Dave’s retirement, but not so glad about your triple trouble! Never rains, does it? Oh, and your garden looks glorious, as always. Would be nice if we get some more summer so you can enjoy it even more!

  7. YIKES! that was def a spot of bad luck there- thank goodness only 3! And I love all the threes you amassed at the beginning of the post. Even the pun was fun. LOL! Jillian

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