BIG Birthday

On 30th July I will be 70 years old! Wow!! I wondered what other key events happened in 1947, my birth being important to my family but what mattered to the world at large. Google enabled me to find a site which listed several key things: The Kon-Tiki Expedition; India and Pakistan became separate Nations; The Cold War started between East and West (lasting 40 years, more than half my lifetime); Sound Barrier was broken; Polaroid Land Camera demonstrated; Bell Laboratories invented the Transistor; UK Coal Industry was Nationalised; US “Marshall Plan” for Europe was announced. Many other things too but some of the above affected my life in subtle ways and the repercussions of others are still happening.

I remember my first radio, a Roberts transistor radio in a red case on a turntable to get best reception, key moment for me. The Polaroid camera I had in the early 70s, some family photos still remain though faded. The Cold War hung like a dark shadow with the threat of nuclear war and the strange information leaflets telling us to get under the kitchen table covered with a thick blanket! Oh and to stockpile tins!! Unbelievable today.  My children have asked me at times if it was a real threat, it was.  Everyday life continued but amongst some of the current world events it now seems unreal. I am sure some of you will have similar memories.

Normally zero birthdays don’t bother me, like any other birthday there is the promise of a new year ahead with good and bad things, rough and smooth patches but continuing friendships and creating new memories. Three score years and ten are somehow different! So how am I celebrating? I had my wonderful trip to Venice. Next there is a month long list of events with friends and family so how lucky am I? Lunches, dinners, visits and treats with dear friends, these have begun already! Our yearly choir concert was a marker for me of the past year’s health challenges and the support the choir have given me. It was a huge success raising £750 (not sure of dollars sorry) for a children’s bereavement charity called Winston’s Wish. We were ecstatic so went to the pub to celebrate! Yesterday a friend organised a Cocktail and Afternoon Tea, very British as we were in a marquee in the pouring rain! An Italian Meal with yoga friends Tuesday, Supper at a local pub Friday with my Book Club, lunch with darling Trisha at a Lavender Farm will be special. A big family get together in August when we can all be together, three generations of my family. On the day Peter and I have decided to have a quiet time of reflection, special meal at home and just enjoy the fact we are together after 45 years.  Seriously, I do feel very lucky and blessed.

Thank you too for reading my ramblings and your continuing support.

9 responses to “BIG Birthday

  1. I love looking back to when we were born. They have little books here and I had one. Don’t know where I put it though. I’m thinking it might have been one of the casualties of downsizing when I moved.

    Loved that you have such a diverse and fun celebrations to mark this big 70. Happy Birthday.

  2. Thank you Lavada I’m pleased it reminded you of your childhood. So many inventions over the years especially in computing. Who would have thought we would have our mobile phones which are so versatile – phone calls seem the least used aspect of them!

  3. First, Happy early birthday! I love that you call them “zero birthdays.” And that you seem to have created a birthday month (or two.) Enjoy all the time with treasured friends and family. 🙂

  4. Thank you Laurie. Next blog will be an update! Sunshiny Day here today will make the most of it.

  5. First of all, wishing you an early HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Sounds like you are well into celebrations and have some fab things planned. Just as it should be. Loved reading about the other things that were going on when you were born, but all pale into insignificance when placed alongside your entry into the world! Big hugs my lovely friend x

  6. Thank you darling. We will have our joint birthday lunch amongst the lavander fields. I am a lucky woman. X

  7. Happy Birthday and what a lovely way to celebrate such a milestone with a month of events. Brilliant idea! Fascinating to read what also went one the year you were born. What a long way you and the world has come and all the better for you being here. Enjoy your events and your lunch with Tricia. xx 🙂

  8. Happy birthday! I hope it was marvelous. Sounds like a grand month planned. I like a birthday that keeps on giving. And yeah. That fourscore and ten is a bit daunting but I am sure you will rock it! Jillian

  9. Not quite yet Jillian! 3 score and 10!! Enjoying it though.

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