It’s that time of year again­—our County Fair starts on Wednesday but this year I have to be on the Fairgrounds on Saturday.  I got a new job (can you call a volunteer position a job)—I will.  I have put in about 300 hours since I was asked to be Open Class Livestock Superintendent in March.  What a job—all the old forms seemed to be missing, maybe someone cleaned house, but everything had to be retyped.  Then there was just the general getting things ready for Fair, getting judges, superintendents for each division and tons of paper work.  Luckily, I was able to con Jim into helping with some of the fairground work, like fixing and painting the goat pens.  He groans when I ask him to go to the fairgrounds with me now.

All in all it’s been a fun experience but the work just keeps piling up at home.  The nice weather has finally told my lawn to quit growing so fast.  Now I can mow once a week instead of two or three times. And the garden is even growing well, I actually got it all weeded before being gone a week.

My big worry is Missy—yikes.  She seems to know when I’m leaving and frets and whines a lot.  Jim is staying home so he gets to deal with this very spoiled dog for a week, even Daisy would rather go with me than listen to her whine.  But she is so cute.  Last week we took her to a softball tournament and she fussed and fussed.  Finally, a man I had just met got up, got a pillow from his wagon and put it down for her.  She climbed on the pillow and slept the rest of the day.  WHEW!!

I hope each of you are having an amazing summer—whoops forgot to mention one of our Granddaughters is getting married in December—the basketball player—then she’ll get to work on her masters and maybe even move to Arizona.  I’m excited for her, Jim I’m not sure.  That’s his baby that he has followed in sports since she was 5 and she called him and said “Grandpa I have practice today, but it might be a game so you should be there.”  He has missed very, very few of her games and she played soccer, softball and basketball.  Needless to say, our cars have had lots of miles added to them, but so much fun and so many memories.

Have a wonderful summer and enjoy those children and grandchildren, they grow up way too fast.


3 responses to “FAIR TIME 2017

  1. First of all, ANY volunteering is a job. But with over 300 hours in already, you double qualify in the “job” category. What an awesome thing for you to do!
    Second, the Missy/pillow story made me grin from ear to ear. What a sweetie! She will survive you being gone, I’m certain. As for Jim and Daisy, well, we’ll just have to see, eh?
    Have fun!

  2. I agree with Laurie, you have a JOB. And, congratulations on the wedding. I’m bet you’re going to be front and center you’ve been so much in her life. When I think of grandparents I think of you and Jim. It’s no wonder Jack and Jim hit it off so well.

    Enjoy the fair, and kids, and dogs. You do make the most of every second of life.

  3. wow! that is a big job AND having to redo all the forms, too. Go you for your dedication! Congrats on the upcoming wedding. Hope you’ll share some photos when it happens. Love the pillow story with Missy, she’s so spoiled, even strangers take care of her. LoL Love that baby! Jillian

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