Plus’s and Minus’s

They say there plus’s and minus’s to almost everything and this year that’s been the case with the weather here in the Pacific NW.  I’ve lived in this area most of my life and I can only remember one year that was colder and wetter than this one. And, I don’t how many times I’ve heard others state the same thing.

It isn’t only that we had snow in March, which is almost unheard of, it’s that we went weeks with rain and dreary overcast days.

Okay, so the minus is this kind of weather gives us, or least some of us, the gloomys. A good non-word to describe my disposition. I didn’t quite hit cranky. It also delays getting out in the yard and forget about not wearing a jacket.

The plus’s? When the weather finally breaks out in sunshine no one appreciates it more than we do. And that’s including the flowers, and birds. The pictures from March and the ones from last week do a better job of saying it than I can.






















11 responses to “Plus’s and Minus’s

  1. Wow. What a huge difference! And, even more importantly, we did it again. I was just at the park this morning thinking I should post some winter and summer pics to showcase Mother Nature’s majesty. Yep, we must have been twins in a prior life. Lol.

  2. Gloomys is a good word! I love the photos. Nature is amazing but at times should be viewed from indoors. The reward is sunshine and a change of attitude as you and Laurie know. Our weather has been extreme too this year – portentous. No I haven’t got the gloomys. Keep smiling.

    • Just got back from a road trip. Coming out of Yellowstone Park it was 88 degree’s, then we hit a storm and it went to 66. Last night we were in Bend Or. with 97. A few hours later it was a 84 and again a storm this time with hail. We couldn’t believe it. At least we were watching from the patio door and not out in it or driving.

  3. Nice pictures. Wish we could hit a nice in between don’t like the 100’s

  4. The gloomys – good word! Our weather seems to mimic yours so often, and after a couple of weeks of extreme heat, we’re back to more typical temperatures for this time of year. Love your photos!

  5. Know that feeling but once the sun comes out everything and everyone is in a better mood. Your photos are lovely and certainly show the extremes. I love the heat we’ve had here recently, sadly it didn’t last long and we’re back to normal. Enjoy whilst we can, won’t be long before the Gloomys (love that word) hits us once again. 🙂

  6. you guys def. got the weirdness in the weather this year. I’ve been keeping an eye out over there. 🙂 Jillian

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