May- Flowers, Road Trip and Two Maydays

Jillian here and I’m going to talk about traveling as well.  Seems a lot of us are on the go these days!

The end of May, we took a road trip up to Williamsburg, Virginia. My son and his wife came down from Providence, Rhode Island to meet us and we spent a few days together there in a rented townhouse.

We visited one of the wineries and did a tasting. We also spent time at Jamestown and Yorktown. I used to live in Virginia and so I’ve been to these places many times (as well as three-four times since I moved to Florida). I was pleased to see they’d updated the museums at both places. The Jamestown museum used to have this manky old statue of Queen Elizabeth I that I swear was as old as her. They’ve chucked that and have a new interactive area where they actually have displays about the Indians who the white man went to war against and they also have added the history of the African in the colony as well. I was impressed with that. The ships are still there as well as the fort and Indian village.

One thing I laughed about was a sign that said the English sailed the seas for treasure. It had a picture of Christopher Columbus on the sign and mentioned him by name.  I called my son over and asked him what was wrong with that picture?  AND, as I raised him right, he knew. LOL

Yorktown has a brand new visitors center and museum. It was excellent. It includes a massive portrait of King George III and the frame on it was exquisite. Sadly, no photos were allowed inside. This museum also showed the role of the African in the colony as well as the Revolutionary War. I can’t tell you how glad I was to see that as it seems we sometimes sweep a lot of our ugly history aside rather than facing it. We got to see the firing of a cannon. BOOM!  Cover your ears for sure.

Williamsburg is always fun as they have actors in various houses and even on the street, debating issues of the day (1770s). It’s pretty impressive. We ate at a tavern and had a historical drink. Except my husband who had a modern beer.

Here are some flower pictures from up there- the top, right one I call the Simon and Garfunkel plot- it has parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme in it- it’s outside the fort at Jamestown. I’ve also included a picture of one of the houses in colonial Williamsburg- even though they didn’t have electricity back then. 🙂

As for the Mayday part of my title up there, I fell down the stairs at the townhouse and I mean all the way down. I bruised my ego, my arm, my side and hurt the heck out of my foot. The same one I seem to break all the time. It happened our last night there. So, I was hobbling on the last day and on the way home (and am still not 100% recovered).

And speaking of on the way home, we’d traveled ten hours when my husband started thinking he was having a heart attack. It took some convincing but I got him to agree to stop in Georgia and get checked out.

After an overnight stay in the hospital and many tests, they found nothing and thought it might have just been the stress of travel. He was adamant that couldn’t be it but since there was no other explanation, he’ll have to live with that. Of course, he keeps telling me now that his heart is perfect. HA! I told him he just wanted attention.  Thank goodness.


13 responses to “May- Flowers, Road Trip and Two Maydays

  1. What a fun visit! Being an herb lover, the herb garden photo caught my eye first. I love the old colonial kitchen gardens full of herbs. We had too much rain here and with the clay soil, it killed my rosemary plants. Thanks for sharing your travels with us.

    • Thanks. It was fun for sure. AND I agree about the colonial gardens. Sorry you lost your rosemary. Hope you can get some more in the planting season.

  2. I love the colony states. We stayed in Williamsburg for a few days after we took the historical tour of D.C., Pennsylvania .. I could have stayed months in the area. We got a few days at the Smithsonian and a month wouldn’t do it justice.

    Love the pictures, I’m always surprised when I go in the houses. I expect them to be more of an open floor plan and of course their not.

    Got to stop that falling, it takes longer to heal once we are out of our twenties. 🙂

    • I love those states, too, Lavada. The Smithsonians are amazing. I agree that you need tons of time for them. I lived up there in elementary school and we went to some museum or battlefield almost every weekend. I think that’s where I got my love of history.

      And Yeah, I have to work on that falling thing. Weirdly, I was being super careful and taking the steps double-footed each time AND still fell. Good grief, my old ballet teacher would be ashamed of me and my loss of balance. LOL

  3. Oh, no! It really WAS a double mayday. I’m so glad your husband is okay and I hope you continue to get better. That poor foot!
    Your trip sounds like it was awesome and the perfect way to relax…until the fall, of course. I hope the good memories outlast the mayday ones. 🙂 The plants, the descriptions, everything sounds like you had a lot of fun.

    • We did have fun. Other than that fall and the hospital visit. Never dull with us, that’s for sure. AND it was awesome to see #1 and his wife. Just being with them was enough for me.

  4. I hope you are both recovered now but thanks for sharing the trip. Also that you have written to get the Columbus reference corrected! I love the photos.

  5. Fascinating trip. Interestingly enough, I’ve just started watching a new series on the television called Jamestown. set in 1619 it’s a fictional account about the first English settlers establishing a community there.

    I’m glad you and your husband are both okay now.

  6. Another one on the road – makes me feel itching to be on a trip myself. Glad you are both recovered but certainly sounds a fascinating and interesting journey. Love history. I too started watching the TV series Tricia mentions, but when the ladies stepped off the boat of a weeks at sea in poor conditions looking like they’d just stepped out of a beauty salon, fresh pressed dresses and coiffed hair in the first episode, the series lost any credibility.

    • ahh, yeah. that annoys me too on shows. AND when the women wake up in full makeup or give birth and still look fab. Yeah. Annoying. LOL

      • and those ships were small and cramped. Awful places. I’d have jumped overboard way before I got to the other side of the ocean. LOL

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